Getting started with technology

Hi guys (and gals),

I’m in the Burning Xero game and my character is the leader of the “Green Mongooses,” a Kerrn military unit that’s a special forces unit. In equipping them with something like the V-22…I seem to have two ways of doing this:

Buy it as an Anvil Assault Shuttle (I think that’s the right thing) and describe the VTOLness as color…


Do I buy it in stages as it allows something cool, such as a +1 to a Strategy roll to move forces or giving a +1 bonus to tactics for position when infiltration isn’t a specific requirement (the fast roping Kernn image)


Anvil Assault Sled (p556). Low index stuff has access to grav/pressor technology so no need to add any VTOL bits. As for other stuff, you’ll use it as color if you win your contact roll for getting into position, otherwise you can lobby to get the heavier chassies and/or greater mobility dispo bonuses if your drop ship stays around after things start. Additionally, you can get a helping die from the rating 3 signals gear on the shuttle for your contact roll.

Burning Xero is a Zero Index game.

The Anvil Assault Sled is a good start and would be perfect if it was slightly lower tech.

The Anvil Attack Sled would also work well, if I could add passenger space to it.

I’m almost tempted to take the Anvil Ground Car, make it into the Anvil Air Car for Ob 9 (or 3 RPs at start)

Which that might be the smart thing to do and then in building scenes start adding sensors and signals.

I also have my mind thinking about taking the Air Bus design and add Artillery Missile to it. Though that might be over kill.

Somehow the vision of an aircraft ripple firing missiles is just awesome.

Why not just take an airbus and make it VTOL?


Thanks for the input. If I did took the Air Bus and gave it VTOL capability I assume that’d be color?

(the character that I’m outfitting is here

And if so that’d suggst three routes (actually any of thes options suggest the same route):

  1. Spend 3 res points on it at character creation
  2. an Ob 8 resource test during a building scene
  3. A circles test:
    Ob 1 (base)
    +3 Ob (specific occupation, dropship pilot)
    +1 Ob (next lower rank)
    Ob 5 against:
    2d (base Circles)
    +1d (I, Solzjah)
    +2d (Repütation: Green Mongooses Commander)
    +2d (Affiliation: Green Mongooses)
    +1d (naming the lad)
    8d…making it a routine check and needing two before the VTOL pilot becomes a character who can be brought up in a color scene as the force goes to do something…interesting.

would it be a “fair play” to have the 2IC be the VTOL pilot?

Sure, you’re 2iC can be the pilot, but you still have to buy it if you want it for yourself. Otherwise, it’s HIS (if he buys it or comes with it).

And yeah, I think VTOL is fine color.