Good old fashioned machinegun

Hey I’ve been trying to make a good old fasioned Machinegun:

(Mod. Assault Laser BE517)
Traits: Heavy(5), Unwieldy, Inaccurate
Ammo: Case.
(Magazine size can be used, if so the weapon looses its Unwieldy and Heavy(5) trait)

I was looking for a trait that gave +1D for Supression Fire Action but couldn’t find one. Any ideas for such a trait?

My idea was that if magazine was used instead it would loose this advantage die for Supression Fire.

p.s I don’t mean old fashioned machine gun… I mean hypo modern kinetic bla bla bla. It is a part of the process of changing all the laser and fusion weapons to ballistic weapons (oh yeah the BSG setting still :slight_smile: )

Very close to the Heavy Assault Gun (aka Squad Assault Weapon aka GPMG). Though my build is a bit more forgiving!

yeah that is very true… I have been thinking of removing the unwieldy trait it might seem unnecessarily cumbersome.

About the trait.

Does anything prevent me from making a trait like indirect, except that it gives a 1D bonus to suppresion fire skills?


Trait: MG!
A weapon with this trait gives the unit a +1D advantage die when taking the Suppression action in a firefight. The weapon is Inaccurate though so if given a shot opportunity during the suppression fire action it has +1 Ob.

Nothing stopping you, though look at the stuff in the tech burner to assign it points as appropriate if you want to later mod it onto something else.

Hi all,

But what about the British Bren, which would probably have the reverse of these traits, along with limited ammo.:cool:

Approx 5 short bursts per clip.

Simon Burling

Well, look at the concept: This is a high-tech (low-index, so think of around 2050-2200 tech rather than 1938 tech) hyperkinetic machine gun. You want a Bren Gun, you need something different. I’d take the sub-index assault gun and add a Heavy rating (maybe 4, no higher).

(Also, strictly speaking the Bren isn’t British so much as Czechoslovakian.)

I ended up using the heavy assault gun as template as luke kinda suggested:

[i]Space Marine Portable Machine Gun:
(Mod. Heavy Assault Gun BE517)
Traits: Heavy(4), MG
Ammo: Case.

MG: This Weapon grant +1D to “Suppressive Fire” Action in Fight, but has +1 Ob to shot opportunities earned via suppressive fire.[/i]

I have burned more weapons and vehicles, if any one is interested I can post them here on the forum…

I made what amounts to a “storm bolter” based on one of Lord Moeller’s drawings and chucked it on the wiki: HAR-730

It’s horrific, btw, as playtesting has supported. It was very handy on a world where the Iron-bearing nobility fought Anvil-clad communards - it might be less useful against the hardened and shielded Iron-bearers themselves.

From my time in the service thier are 3 types of machine guns

  1. SAW or squad automatic weapon usually or Light Machine Gun (depends on Country) usually chambered in the that nation vehicle’s assualt rifle service round (7.62x39MM Soviet 5.56x45MM NATO or 5.45MM Russian) example being the RPK-47/RPK-74, FN Mini/M-249 SAW, IWI Negev, or H&K MG-4. They may in fact sometimes simply be assualt rifles with Reniforced Heavy Barreles and actions for longer automatic firing and bipods.

  2. GPMG’s General Purpose Machine Guns’s Chambered in larger battle rifle rounds (Usually 7.62x51MM NATO or 7.62x54MM Russian) these weapons are issued on platoon leveal(sp) and are larger, heavier, and longer range. GPMG teams may consist of two men (gunner and assitant gunner/ammo monkey) these weapons can chew through ammo rather quickly but are the terrior of enemy infantry and even some very light cehicles. The FN MAG/L-7A2/M-240B is the best example of (and perhaps the best designed ever) one in use with the US, NATO and many other countries. The Russian PKM is another excellant design. The old Vieatnam era cold warrior M-60 still soldiers on (even in US service).

  3. Heavy machine guns, these are tripod and vehicle mounted monsters that can turn an leg infantry into hamburger and shred light vehicles (watch the end of Rambo 4 and that will give you the sort insight into the destructive power of a M-2 .50cal HMG) these weapons take multiple man teams to make man portable. Instead being mounted on a Humvee, MRAP, Supcat, or Land Rover makes them more efficent for most troops. They can can also be found on the Commanders coupleas of most modern Tanks, On patrol boats, and as helicopter door guns. Rounds fired by thes monsters include two diffrenet lengths of 12.7MM (one known as .50BMG and serves as NATO’S primary HMG round the other as Russia’s primary HMG round, and the monster Russian 14.5MM Round.) Expamles of weapons are the NATO standard M-2 50Cal which has been in service since before ww2 and the Russian DSHK, NSV nad KPV HMG’s