Got my book this morning

I clearly wasn’t paying attention when I ordered the Mouse Guard RPG. I was expecting a paperback with a glossy cover and instead I got this classy hardback with a dust jacket.

Very slick, nice work.

Mine just came in at the post… I’m just waiting for the bus to go and nab it.

Sounds right classy, yea! Excited as all hell.

Ohh, exciting! too bad mine has to come all the way to Scotland, gonna be a while yet! jealous

Okay, so. Just got back from the post.



Yea, echoing Sledge up there, this is a beautiful book, absolutely gorgeous. The art is lovely, and everything within is… I’m out of synonyms. It’s wonderful.

I’ve nibbled a bit on the contents, and I have to say this is completely different than anything I have ever played. And I like it that way. This is a new way of playing, and I find that perfectly fitting for Mouse Guard, because it was a completely new way for me to look at comics and mice.

Cheers to Luke and David. You are both top notch.

I’d also like to say that choosing to go with frames from the comic, sans word bubbles, was a good choice. I know when you’re converting things like comics and movies to RPGs there is a need or a desire to put original artwork in to help set it apart, but in this case the comic’s art sets the tone perfectly.

Got mine too! It’s Beauuuuuuuutiful!

Thank you BWHQ!

Mine arrived today as well, along with an enormous rain storm which provided the perfect excuse to do nothing but sit around by the fireplace and read Mouse Guard. I do have one question: did anyone else get a handwritten list of “Herbs & Spices” in neat cursive? I’m not sure what it is or why it came with my book, but for some reason it got me in the mood to play and is now my permanent Mouse Guard bookmark.

I got mine today. Holy crap. I’d seen Luke’s copy with the paper held together with clips, and my pre-order pdf of course, but neither really does the book justice. Plus the free comic was one I hadn’t read. Score.

Kestral: I think Jason likes to throw something extra in the boxes.

MG has landed in the UK! Got mine this morning. Yay me :slight_smile: And yes, it is gorgeous.

I’m sad to say that in my impatience I picked it up at a local comic book store, along with issue 4 of the comic.

My IPR copy will hopefully be arriving soon, and having two of these beautiful books doesn’t bother me a bit.

Shizen hozen! You have it! Cool nuts!

I’m running a full year of this at Conception this week - that is, four seasons at one session apiece. I sure would have liked to have had the book to hand… although all the crunch is on the character sheets so I wanted it more for the draw of ‘ohh, must play, must have’ when folks saw it at the table and in my mitts.

Glum. Oh well, I trust it’ll be waiting for me when I get back.


is there any way to get a copy of the .pdf version if i can somehow prove that i already own the book version…? i usually have my laptop with me on the go and it’d be really easy to just pull that up.

is this even a possibility? :confused:

I’d certainly be interested in a pdf-only option as I picked up mine in my FLGS. will the templates be available on the downloads site?

I got mine off Overstock, and I’m sad to find out that I missed out on the free comic, was it a special issue, or part of the regular series? I’m planning on picking up the graphic novels when I get the chance.

I love that it has a dust cover, its the only rpg I’ve ever seen with one and I was just talking about that to my fiancee maybe a week before I got my book, so it tickled me especially.

Yeah the free issue I got was issue 4 of the winter series so if you follow mouseguard comics anyway it’s not like you missed out :slight_smile: Issue 4 has a gorgeous cover though, can probaly make use of it for illuminating mouse guard rpg folder :smiley:

Just got my copy as well and it’s gorgous. I love the fact that the dust-jacket’s a map. Clever and cool and… well, it’s just well-thought out and designed as per usual. Kudos Luke & co! Can’t wait to play.


I got the comic the Saxon on a pile of mouse bones. My wife walks in, glances at it, and says, “Oh look, Daddy got something you kids can…oh, wait a minute…!”

And I’m like, “Yeah.”

Did you point to the Millennium Falcon amongst the bones? :slight_smile:

For some reason, in my local giant bookstore, the hardcover comic anthology was filed in Graphic Novels for 9-12 year-olds.

A lot of material that one doesn’t think of as suitable is now labeled as suitable for that age group. Nowadays, more parents are not objecting to immoral and/or disturbing works if they get their kids reading. A lot more is focusing on “Can Johnny read this?” rather than “Should Johnny read this?”

Also, with a lot more immigrants who don’t read well being able to stay here, the lower reading level with adult materials has a larger audience than it used to, when “Conform or go back” and “English or Else” attitudes were the norm for employment.

I have noticed that the general reading level needed for the fall 1152 series is about 3rd grade (8-10yo); the MG RPG is about 8th grade. (So are most elementary teacher’s manuals, FYI.)