Got my book!

I was very excited to see my Burning Empires book arrived today in the mail!

The book is utterly gorgeous- probably the most beautiful game book I own. And it is big enough to squash any worms looking for a spot to hull . .

There is an awful lot of cool stuff in here - love the simplification and seperation of circles and resources, and the maneuvers and firefight look truly awesome.

Number 92, signing in.


I have a copy of the pdf printed out into two books (pgs 1-282 & pgs 283-656) in black and white with laminated colour covers and it still looks gorgeous. The fact that you have the book still fills me with envy though :slight_smile:

Question: what is the binding like? For a digest sized book with 656 pages, I can imagine the binding would need to be pretty robust.

I don’t know much about binding, but it appears to be sewn and looks very robust.


The pain of waiting for this to hit retail in the UK is going to be unbearable. :slight_smile:

  • Neil.

There’s a copy in the UK right now:


#66, arrived this morning. Nearly broke my toe tripping over the thing on my way out to work, but oh-so-worth-it.

Utterly wonderful book to behold. The PDF (while awesome in it’s beauty) does not do it justice. People will be looking at this book and it’s format and they’ll be saying “Why the hell doesn’t Exalted/D&D/Whatever look this fucking cool? Why the hell aren’t they smaller page, thicker books with artwork all but one guy?”

This this is “teh r0xx0r”

And where exactly do you live Rich? :slight_smile:

  • Neil
    (ever so slightly envious)

awesome. looks like your arcane address system still works.

also, our books made it past the UK terror blockade aka customs (infiltration-wise).

hope you can get a game together soon! the game looks good and plays better.

book 89 has arived in the goodie oldie virginia… and before anyone tries to lob ordnance my way; to try an slow the tide of infestation, you should know, we have infatuated the pentagon and have anti-air weapons aready…

Now, I just have to find the time to start a game…

Book 43 checking in.

I just got mine, I think it was book #90. The weight and size of the box made me think my order of Mexican porn digests had arrived.

i knew there was something shady about the Christian Anti-Gaming Coalition!

i knew there was something shady about the Christian Anti-Gaming Coalition![/quote]

Har har har

OMG, I’m having mine shipped to my work, and I have been off since Friday. Perhaps it’s been lying there, waiting for me during the weekend. The thought is unbearable :wink:

I can’t wait.


WOW. I can only agree what others have said here before me - it is beautiful.


What a book! I just received it (#56) and can’t get over it! Just amazing!

Get thee to the wiki, then!

Gah! My book was caught by the tollers, which meant that the book was delayed for a couple of days and I had to pay ~$25 to get it. :frowning:

But now that I have it in my hand and can feel its majestic heft, I would gladly have sold my liver to get it!

Sorry Andreas, we tried to make them look as inconspicuous as possible.


Nah, it’s okay. I recently received for about $200 worth of WFRP2e books by mistake, so I shouldn’t be complaining. Cosmic balance has now been reestablished, I suppose… :wink:

Anyway, the Burning Empires book is still worth every penny!

I just saw the sales numbers for this year’s Gen Con HERE. Quite impressive guys, Congratulations!