Got my book!

Yes! My giant Naiven smasher arrived imere moments ago! Now I have something to read next week on that long flight to Quebec!


Wow! 100+ books sold @ Gencon?! Thats great.

That doesn’t even include the ones that were sold @ the Key 20 booth.

You know, I love the sounds that new books make when the pages are opened the first time. Also it has a new book smell. That’s good.

Off to dinner with a friend… where I will hold it up triumphantly and attempt to make his play.

That crackle of the pages gives me shivers up the spine!

Love that new book smell. Smells like… victory.

No. 58 arrived here in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, UK this very morning. Having survived a trans-Atlantic crossing the Royal Mail succeeded in bashing the top left-hand corner getting it through the letterbox. :frowning: It would have been in a much worse state if wasn’t for the excellent packing. A big thanks to whoever did such a good packing it up.

Don’t really care too much about the damage. I have a copy in my hands. :smiley: Thanks for creating it chaps.

is “Godmachester” a real place?

Yes. It’s pronounced “James,” though.

DAMN IT! I hope it’s only nicked. We really tried to pack them up nice.


Yep, I’ve lived here for nearly two years. The Romans beat me here by about 2000 years.

More details at the Godmanchester Wiki.

Thanks for the comment Luke but you guys couldn’t have packed it any better. It was just forced through my letter box. The mail carton had been ripped away. It’s taken a fair old battering to the top left-hand corner (binding edge). I’m just happy to have it my sweaty hands. Thanks again.

this was totally drozdal + thor. they packed and re-packed the books with love. (and they wisely nixed my idea to preserve the books carefully in brine for shipping).

give them tribute and thanks.

I just got #46 and a t-shirt in Herndon, Virginia yesterday. I found it waiting in the mail when I got home from work. Thanks for the little buttons too, they’re cool. :smiley:

We totally forgot to mention that, look for pins/buttons in your boxes and envelopes.

We totally forgot to mention that, look for pins/buttons in your boxes. Everyone should have few in their envelope or box.[/quote]

if not, the terrorists (ie: postal service) have won.

gopher button is rare. collect them all.

All of the buttons in packages were “Cotar Fomas” ones. Gopher / Urci / Rhiannon were “con specials”.

All of the buttons in packages were “Cotar Fomas” ones. Gopher / Urci / Rhiannon were “con specials”.[/quote]

Cool! Hehe, I suspected a little instigation in that “gopher” post :wink:

Should I be worried if I haven’t seen mine yet?

Hi Neil,

If it doesn’t arrive by the end of the week, let me know.

It is the USPS after all.

I got Gopher, LT Fox, and Rhiannon with my shirt. I wear Gopher to work, he is my flair.

A gorgeous #65 has landed in London!!! I read the ‘PDF doesn’t do it justice’ posts & didn’t get it. I get it now. Wow, just…wow! Luke, you’ve made me a happy man. AND all the cards AND two badges AND a personal handwritten, signed comment! WOW!
…the posty looked like he’d gotten a hernia from lugging it around though…(I found it very hard to have sympathy as I grabbed it from his hands…)