Governing Abilities for Lifepath Skills

Hello! Another question for M&M:

I’m afraid I’m having a hard time locating where in the text it lists the governing abilities for lifepath skills. Page 19 states, under the Governing Modifier and Die Steps subheading: “Skills listed with a governing ability use the modifier for that ability.”

With the exception of those lifepath skills which simply increase a general skill rating, or those that are combat bonuses and combine with strength or dexterity modifiers such as the Musketeer’s Accuracy or the Gamin’s Ambuscade, I don’t see a lot of governing abilities listed for these skills. The best example I can find is the Petty Noble’s Etiquette, which is employed like a combat maneuver for Duel of Wits.

Some of these skills’ governing abilities are self-evident. It make sense that something like the Philosopher’s Mathematics would be governed by Intelligence. But, some are less so, and assuming in general where rules and mechanics are concerned can lead to complications and contradictions, so I wanted to clarify here.

So, in short, are lifepath skills missing information on their governing abilities, or do the ones without such a listing simply act on their own, independent of the character’s abilities? Or am I being dense and overlooking something?

Governing abilities for Lifepath skills are listed on page 2 of the character sheet, except for Hermetics which just lists “Special”. I assume that one is treated like a Mentality, but it’s unclear from the text.

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Yeah, sorry about that. They’re on the character sheet. I had intended for Hermetics to have a combination of governors but maybe none is the way to go for now.


Ah, I see! I didn’t think to check there. Thanks!

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