HAR-730 - how?

Hi all,

I’m trying to think of some nice ‘punchy’ weapons for a Zero Index world and I find most of the available weaponry a bit boring (although I did make a dinky flamethrower).

I was wondering if anyone had tried to model the HAR-730 30mm Assault Rifle (Magnetic) at all? I’m inclined to consider that rail-accelerated munitions are Zero Index, since the Taramai Landwehr has ‘outdated railguns manufactured by Sabat…’ (sorry, my trades are on loan to another potential convert!).

I’m trying to pick what weapon I should model them on. A 30mm DSDU round seems like it is worth more than a Heavy Assault Gun - but I am not sure if it is a MPIML.

Any ideas? Or should I just eyeball it and make it up?

Okay! I had a stab at it myself.

HAR-730 pattern 30mm Assault Rifle (Magnetic)
The HAR-730 pattern was a popular simple weapon for lesser bearers-of-Iron on less-developed worlds during the Hanrilke era. The basic pattern is believed to pre-date the Empire, but production of it was resumed when some worlds began to find maintaining weapons of higher index too complex. In the current era many different armaments guilds use the basic pattern as a template for their own products and it is especially popular on the lesser Darikahn worlds.
Tech Resources: Ob 4
Index: Zero
Base: Squad Support Weapon - MPIML (3pts)
Just a gun (-6pts)
Remove Intelligent and Blast.
Bullpup Configuration (5pts)
Add Intuitive and Magazine capacity.
Rapid Coil Cooling System (-1pt)
+1D to Ammo tests; requires Power Pack.
DSDU ammunition (-1pt)
+1D vs armoured targets; adds Heavy (5).
Armaments-Guild craftsmanship (4pts)
Adds Superior.

I’d normally just put this on the wiki, but I was hoping to attract some comments from others about the way I approached this - specificially about whether it is okay to ‘trade-in’ traits that the MBI weapon has.

Didn’t you just make a modified heavy assault gun?

I wanted it to be able to ‘profitably engage’ IFVs. 30mm depleted uranium rounds seemed to cry out for vehicle-scale damage.


I blame this for putting the idea into my head; and remembered Desert Storm footage for the view that it should be able to hurt tanks.

What I really want to know is if am I breaking the tech burner by converting rocket-launchers into rifles?

you’re not breaking anything! Carry on, carry on.

Sir, Yes Sir!

Looks awesomely cool to me, John. Wikify it! I want to arm some of my boys with it!


It is wikified here now, and I added a nifty add-on for those people that despise sub-optimal technological devices: the Continuous Munitions Feed System.