Help with Trait: Vulnerable Pilot

I am trying to create a ground vehilce which has a duel seat cockpit with a canopy. I want the pilots to be vulnerable on shot opportunities where the situation dicatates, as in close combat or something similar. If the situation occurs where the pilot can be shot, then Human scale weapons can take out the vehilce. Basically, the player would roll against Armor and MW of the pilot rather than the tolerances of the vehilce. I figured the ballistic glass would provide +1 ob for cover.

I can’t figure out how I might point this trait out. I was thinking I might use the Hardened trait of Iron, but reverse it, but this doesn’t apply all the time. Only in specific situations.

Any suggestions

You could put a categorical limitation in that says “armor doesn’t protect driver against CC shooting actions.” Don’t have it take out the vehicle because it would be silly to have a pistol destroying a jeep, however capping the driver and then stealing his ride is totally reasonable (and awesome!)