How to burn obstacle to entry


My GMFoN has a secret asteroid compound and I need some security there, but I’m unsure how to do that.

In the Tech burner you can buy security stations which provide detection against intrusion - so far so good. On p. 570 it is stated that security systems can also have Obstacle to entry, which is bought using Tech burner and which can be bypassed using Security, Sec. Rigging or Explosives skills.

However, in Tech burner under Device: obstacle it is stated that tech can be bought to force character make tests against specific skill or skills.

So, do I spend tech resources and:

A) Get to state which skills character must test in order to gain entry (First, test infiltration ob2, then security ob2, then interpretative dance ob2…)

B) Get a generic ‘obstacle to entry ob2’ and the infiltrator gets to choose how to bypass that

C) Get a generic ‘obstacle to entry ob2’ and then buy additional skill tests if I want to (Zero G ob2, interpretative dance ob2…)

(ob2 is just for example)

Additionally, the character has bought ‘Manned stations’ security for his lair. He doesn’t intend to use his own Signals skill but would rather have his minions run them. He must buy a Gang of security goons using the character burner in order to have someone to man the stations, but how competent they are? I’m thinking of using the Hammer/Anvil Lord trait as a guideline i.e. 1D affiliation gets me exp 3 security goons etc., is this fine?

If you just want a wall or a steel door or something, then you use the rules for Obstacle on page 387. I think they’re self-explanatory.

If you want a device that detects people coming and going, that’s security.