Hussar grav armored recon sled - revision

Everyone remember the original Hussar sled idea that Chris and Luke turned into amazing PDF?

Right from the beginning, though, there was one thing that nagged at me:

Now, at the time, I didn’t know how to do that. But later I learned from Thor Orasvuld how to use Technological Stat: Forte as a hack for changing vehicular Integrity and figured out that Profile is just another way of saying “anyone trying to find you gets this skill bonus/suffers this obstacle.” So now I can do it, and without changing the point cost, too:

Enhanced Performance
The Hussar Sled is lighter, faster, and more agile than the standard Assault Sled, with a higher thrust:weight ratio and multiple control surfaces—flaps, tails, and small wings (canards)—that automatically reconfigure for maximum maneuverability at different speeds and altitudes.

Reduce Profile from 2 to 1 (equivalent to reducing enemy’s Device: Skill Advantage from 2D to 1D, +2 points)
Reduce Integrity from 6 to 5 (equivalent to reducing Technological Stat: Forte by 1D, -2 points)

I think this is a sensible tradeoff for a scout vehicle – you’re a little easier to kill, but a lot harder to see – and realistic as well: The Hussar has to carry the same weapons (Vehicular x 2) as the Anvil Assault Sled, and has a relatively larger engine, but it doesn’t have space for 8 troops plus cargo in the back, so on balance it should be less massive.

Thoughts? Comments? Objections? If people approve, or at least don’t disapprove, I’ll revise the wiki version accordingly.

Assuming “silence implies consent,” I’ve down the profile-for-integrity swap on the wiki version and, while I was at it, upped Sensors Automation to 5 to match Signals Automation, increasing the Resources Obstacle from 17 to 18 in the process – that unevenness was another thing that had bothered me and was the artifact of me trying to fit this thing into being the Anvil Assault Sled for one rp plus a one rp’s worth of custom technology at the Low Index rate of exchange, which I’m not worried about anymore.

But it turns out I overpriced the Hussar’s increased speed by a point, so the cost falls back down to Ob 17. Tidy.