Illustrated Edition Shipping Status

Come on JL, You can make a better pic that that! Like this one for example:

Number 2 has the sketch of Iron Strike team.

JL, post your number and stats over here:

Everyone with a preorder should do it!


And if you finish adding all your illustrated books to the wiki we will do our part…


Pic on the wiki. Sorry for the flash… but you get the idea.

I like to think that Iron group is Strike Force Coyote… and if you look really closely you can see my name on the chest of the lead armor.

So, now offically, I kick ass.

#17 arrived today, safe and sound, complete with a beautiful illustration of a Mundus Humanitas inquisitor. “The heretics will burn” indeed.

Good stuff.

Got my #11 just a few days ago, and the picture of Trevor Faith in his IRON on the inside cover fills me with holy fervor for playing the game! :smiley:

Alas, to my great horror, the pages are starting to separate from the binding, and the glue makes this horrible cracking noise whenever I open it. :frowning: But, I have the PDF so I can soldier on, and I’ll just open the book only occasionally to show of the fantastic illo! :smiley:

(The cracking noise is probably just the paper, not the glue). But it’s really starting to pull away from the binding? Sigh. It’ll hold together, btw, because it’s stitched. It just won’t look as pretty.


Yeah, you could put a pencil down between the backing paper where it was glued to the pages, so I have to open it very carefully. :? But as you said it’s stitched (thankfully) so it’ll hold together. I’m gonna buy another copy for use at the table anyway.

Can’t wait to play this game! :smiley:

#20 now lives in Arkansas. Thanks for the awesome illustration, Chris!

Don’t thank me, thank my inner Monkey King.


Hey Chris, are those hover tanks articulated? The perspective is a bit different in the rear section, and I wasn’t sure if it was a trailer or just an artifact of doing a sketch in pen.

It’s the “not using rulers” part of doing sketches, Tim. Also no pencil under-drawing… just diving in and drawing with the pen. If something’s off when you start, there’s no correcting it.


No, that’s wrong. The IFV’s in Faith Conquers are entirely articulated, kind of like “grav-millipedes”. They can just stick their nose around a corner, pop off a shot, then pull back. Very high tech.


Hahah, I wasn’t trying to bust you out, man. Good thing about being the creator of the setting, you can change canon to fit your drawings.


F#@% Canada Post.

Got home from work today…delivery slip on my door, one international package arrived for me.

But I can’t pick the package up because it’s still in the truck…no problem I’ll get it tomorrow…trucks only run monday to friday…

My copy of burning empires is sitting in the back of some lazy-ass postal worker’s union van until Monday!!!

F$#! Canada Post.

On a lighter note…thanks for the speed on your end Luke, that’s awesome turn around time!!

Good thing about being the creator of the setting, you can change canon to fit your drawings.

Iron Empires vehicles have articulated canons as well. They can bend into virtually any shape

badump bump Ching! :?


We should take this show on the road. We could live off of tomato and hurled vegetables!


I just want to thank everyone who’s responsible for this book…everyone at BWHQ…The packaging…superb!! What can only be descibed as an advanced bomb thumbing crusher had its way with my package…and the book survives unharmed, thank you, you will be rewarded! Chris, the sketch is awesome…my character is now completely 3 dimensional…it looks awesome!!

And ofcourse Luke! Thanks for having the ingenuity to create such unique systems, and for having love enough for the Iron empires to introduce us…nay…immerse us in its realities!


BTW- I’m #8, I don’t have a very good camera…could you maybe post the archive photo I’m guessing was taken?

Holy smackeral! I’d anticipated a nice-looking book judging from the responses here, but this far surpassed my expectations. Excellent job to all who had a hand in it! I got number 23. Chris drew a guy with a nasty chain weapon actually calling me out by name. It’s a bit intimidating to open the book and be personally threatened each time! :slight_smile: