Index 3 and Index 6 Iron

Index 6 Iron
Index 6 iron is rare. Only a few of the artificier guild laid down frames for it when iron production was at its height. Today, most iron is of the index 4 or 5 mold (it being cheaper to produce and equally reliable). Still, there are a few suits of these technological masterpieces floating around the Iron Empires. They are immediately distinguishable from regular iron by their sleek lines and light-weight looking profile.

Tech Traits (pretty much the same as Index 5 Iron)
Iron, AT 4. 12 pts
Avatar 5. 14 pts
Foam Reservoir. 27 pts
Fusion Pack. 8 pts
Hardened and Shielded. 14 pts
Intergral Targeter. 9 pts
EVA. 8 pts
Shielded Comm. 3 pts
Power Assist. 8 pts

Index 6 Iron Limitations
Bulky, -9 pts.
Index 6 iron has a much more sleek design than index 4 or 5 versions. +8 Ob to Inconspicuous. No penalty to Infilitration.

Complex, -6 pts (requires Corvus and Crucis and Iron Trained)

Note that it does not have the Constrained View or Clumsy traits!

Total Cost 88 pts.
Low Index Cost: 22 rps (Ob 22 Resources test)
High Index Cost: 18 rps (Ob 18 Resources test)

A picture of Index 6 Iron can be found on page 585.

Same restrictions as iron in general. In addition, the following restrictions apply: During character burning, index 6 iron may be purchased for 2 rps on a high index world. It is a rare and sought after antique! On any other world it may be purchase for 2 rps if, and only, the character has a primary relationship (2 cps) with his stentor or an iron artificer.

Index 3 coming up next.

Woot! Sweet Luke!

whispered aside… the tech index comprised 8 catagories in the heyday… it was envisioned that it would someday reach index 10 and beyond, but… well… things started go wrong… There is literally NOTHING that a player can get above index 6 nowadays that can be used for anything other than a paperweight. That knowledge is gone. Unless, perhaps, someone can reach the forbidden archives out in the void, or deep inside Vaylen space…


Index 3 Iron is a mechanized, heavy battle armor suit. It is bulky, cumbersome and difficult to use. These drawbacks are offset by the firepower and protection the exoskeleton provides. Even so, Index 3 Iron is a blip on the technological evolutionary scale of powered, battle exoskeletons.

The identifying feature of index 3 iron is its size. The processes for the armor hardening, power supply and even the sensors mounts had not be perfected and are therefore much larger than what later emerged as index 4 iron.

Technology Traits
Some of these are just taken from the index 4 iron list. Some are self explanatory. The rest I’ll explain.

AT 4 Protection (12 pts)
Signals Rig (Tools) (4 pts)
Sensors Avatar 3 (5 pts)
Internal Automated Medical Field Kit (exp 4) (8 pts)
Closed Circuit Rebreather (8 pt)
Hardened and Shielded (14 pts)
Targeter (6 pts)
Fusion Pack (8 pts)

Power Acutation (5 pts) – Unlike later versions of iron, index 3 iron does not amplify the pilot’s own strength. It uses its own servos and mylar musculature granting it a Power 5.

1000 Kilos of Angry Metal (3 pts) – Index 3 iron gives a +1D to the Overbear Close Combat action.

Speed Acutation (10 pts) – Index 3 iron operates at its own speed. The iron grants a human Speed of 4 at a walk or trot. It can also run at Vehicular Speed 2. See “Stop, Damn it!” below.

On-Board Weapon Systems (14 pts) – Index 3 iron has in-built on-board weapon systems. It typically sports a squad support weapon backed with an assault weapon. The iron has known issues with heat diffusion, therefore “hot” weapons like PAc or lasers are generally shunned. The typical configuration is either a Heavy Assault Gun or a MPIML backed up with a with an Assault Gun or a Jack Gun. Uprade the MPIML to a Cylinder ammo capacity. And upgrade the assault weapons to Case capacity.

Steel Gauntlets (2 pts) – The iron’s weapon muzzles are heavy and dangerous weapons. Count them as a sword in close combat hand to hand.

Giant Robot Man – May not use Inconspicuous or Infiltration. Has a Profile of 2. (2x Categorical Limitations, -2 pts) (2D Advantage, -5 pts)

Limited Weaponry – May only use in-built on-board weapon systems. (Categorical Limitation, -1 pts)

Cluster Fuck – One of the major field service problems to arise with index 3 iron, was that its ammo bays and power nodes were notoriously difficult to rearm. +1 Ob to all Ammo Checks. (Obstacle, -3 pts)

No Fucking Hands – The armatures of the index 3 iron house the weapon ports for its on board systems. It became another complaint of the pilots in the field. The pilot may not use any Agility-based skills (except weapon skills and Close Combat actions (except Grenades, you can’t throw grenades)) and is +4 Ob to any Agility stat tests. (Categorical Limitation, -1 pts. Obstacle, - 5 pts).

Robotic Articulation – May not use pilot’s Power or Speed. May only use iron’s Power or Speed. (2x Categorical Limitation, -2 pts)

Stop, Damn it! – The iron isn’t very maneuverable, so running requires an Ob 2 Agility test on the part of the pilot if trying to do something like stop. The pilot is not running on his own, he’s riding. He’s controlling the vehicle’s run with a series of manual flips and tongue toggles. (Obstacle, -3 pts)

View Slits and Primitive HUD – +2 Ob to Observation tests including contact. (Obstacle, -3 pts)

Crucis and Iron – Requires the Crucis (or Illegal Crucis) and Iron Trained traits. (2x Trait Limitation, -6 pts)

Final Cost: 62 pts
Low Index Cost: 16 pts
High Index Cost: 12 pts

Index 3 iron is available for 1 rp on low index or high index worlds. It’s rather an embarrassment for the lord-pilot who owns it.

It is available for 2 rps on zero index worlds that have slid from low index down to the bottom of the scale, or who are actively trying to claw their way back up the scale.

What do you think?

Interesting! I was planning on doing some Index 7 and 8 protection – I figured at that scale, the idea of armor, no matter how fashionable would fall prey to the wonders of technological innovation. Maybe I’ll post 'em anyway.

Anyway, check out the index 3 iron. I love it like my own retarded child.

And post that index stuff on the wiki!

Okay, I’m in love. Cluster Fuck! Stop Damn It!

I’m playing one of those…


:smiley: Possibly my best trait name ever! Can’t you picture the stentor in the field, under fire, trying to unlimber empty ammo cannisters from the shoulders of this 3-meter tall robot which is twitching and jerking because of glitches in its 300 yr old actuations?

I love it! I want to play one, too! I want to crash through walls when trying to advance on a position! Stop, Damn it!

If it is run by levers and toggles, why is a crucis needed?

Have a horrible urge to burn a two-man model of index 3 iron. Something so horrifyingly complex it ended up looking more like mecha than iron, and required a small crew to operate. It went the way of the maus…

It’s a partial neural interface. Weapons and systems status run through the head. Sensors and view screens through a HUD. Manual systems through manual force feedback!


I am in love with the Index 3 Iron. I want to play a character that uses it so very badly.

It should come with the RAMMING SPEED! trait.

Oh man, yeah. A big fucking cooling fin, maybe small stabilizing rockets. An axe blade mounted underneath the weapon muzzles. A flamethrower. A giant built-up shoulder and a shield-arm. Belching steam from the cooling vents. Tarnished, pockmarked, mostly-degraded but once-intricate engraving.

Yes, Index 3 Iron has the sickening charm of one of those multi-turreted 1930s-vintage tanks from the “Hey! We just invented this thing! I wonder what its optimal form should be?” I don’t wanna play a guy stuck in one though.

I don’t actually want to play an Index 6 Lord-Pilot, either, actually, because I’m less interested in the scarce super-elites than in the competent grunts, but one thing really leapt out at me:

Isn’t that what Philippe d’Artois was wearing? Lucky f***ing bastard.

Wait a minute… I don’t have my book handy…

Is that the stupid-hat-picture? (I’m sorry, Chris… I understand Eurasia has a long history of stupid hats for important people, and my criticism of Philippe’s stupid hat is in no way intended as a criticism of your fine work.)

Is that the stupid-hat-picture? (I’m sorry, Chris… I understand Eurasia has a long history of stupid hats for important people, and my criticism of Philippe’s stupid hat is in no way intended as a criticism of your fine work.)

No offense taken, Dirk. It IS a stupid, phallic, grandious hat for a gentleman with many of the same traits.


No offense taken, Dirk. It IS a stupid, phallic, grandious hat for a gentleman with many of the same traits.


You know, all this talk of Iron, for some reason makes me want to put together some Anvil Infiltrator Armor (Think Predator). Low protection, high mobility.

Its Luke Fault.

Edit: Oh as far as Tech 7+… we can dream; can’t we!

I can also see a large Snake oil market for High (Really high) Index goods that really are just junk. I can’t imagain that many nobles have great Tech-wises. But I am sure plenty are technophiles.

Holy shit! I demand a one-shot con scenario where your uppity noble from some Index 6 world and his posse get stuck on a primitive sub-sub-index world; we’re talking rocks and sharp sticks here. His pursuers are searching for him, will find and hunt him down soon and the only thing between him and his pursuers is…

1000 Kilos of Angry Metal

Currently, this vintage suit of index 3 iron is being worshiped as a pagan idol god in the center of the natives village. Can our hero appease the natives, steal their idol and fend off the vaylen bio-engineered Ksatriyen bloodhounds?

It is important to remember that technology does not age well… without the infrastructure to maintain it, that Idol is going to be good for nothing else in short order. (This is a setting theme)

That said, as a one-shot conceit, it might have been encased in some sort of ‘moth balling’ which would stand up to being prayed over by savages who like to press buttons… but this stretches my disbelief more than a bit.

As opposed to human beings flying through space to land on another habitable planet which also happens to have sentient and sapient creatures with sense of religion, and also has a cohort of genetically engineered hosts for a species of psycho-parasitic worms who are also from the other end of the galaxy, but happen to be on this planet.

You’re right. The fact that a 300 year old fusion-powered robot would start up when dramatically need is by far the most unbelievable aspect of that set up.


Anyway, I’m glad you all like the index 3 iron. I’d like to draw your attention to something. I burned up the TI 3 iron as a exercise to show how tech trait limitations are much more interesting than the actual traits themselves. Limitations build character and add a lot to the game.

Build limitations into your tech! Tech without limitations is a convenient convenience. Tech with limitations is tension and fun!


Speaking of limitaitons, I’m trying to burn up a combination of the walking tank someone asked for in a different thread and index 3 iron. I’m thinking it’s going to be kind of a proto-mecha. And it will have limitations coming out of it’s exhaust port! I just need some help deciding if it should be a centaur like four legged thing, or a horribly top-heavy two legged WH40K dreadnought style thing. And if it has four legs, would both crew members need their legs in the vehicle’s legs? I just have horrible visions of those dreadful horse costumes we had to use in elementry school… or of less horrible chinese lion costumes.

I was thinking I ought to put these wonderful/horrible suits of armor up on the wiki as a public service, when I struck on this:

Is “-6” a typo here and on page 546, since the description of “Trait Limitation” on p. 392 says “-3 points”?

Or are “Corvus & Crucis” and “Iron Trained” counting as two separate Trait Limitations at -3 points each, for a total of -6? (Which seems a bit much, since Iron Trained requires Corvus & Crucis in the first place).