Indigenous Lifeform FoN

So, in our enthusiasm to do the whole world-burning thing, we came up with a Figure of Note who was an indigenous lifeform. We forgot that they wouldn’t be sentient. Now, that doesn’t screw things up too badly, but is there a way to salvage the FoN without replacing it entirely with a new one?

Can non-sentient creatures be Figures of Note?
Could I just shove a Vaylen in its head?

Or would I be better of coming up with a new FoN entirely?

Edit: This probably should have gone under World Burning. Sorry.

I used an Indigenous Life-form FoN in our Morellia game – Bat-Kraken. I created this Vaylen, mutant monstrosity and crammed it full of cybernetics. Needless to say, nobody wanted to be his friend or have complicated relationships with him. He was awesome though and I had a blast playing him.



So it’s totally cool to have indigenous lifeforms have Beliefs and all that?

I’m imagining these weirdass batmen, like the creatures in Beastmaster that maybe want to lay eggs inside of humans. Or something.

So long as they’re Vaylen or soon to be Vaylen, I think it’s cool. Maybe Master Moeller will weigh in about his Moellecites.



I want to be Bat-Kraken’s friend.

And not only because I think he could help me exile the gnomes to the frozen north, either.

I decline to respond.


Because you’re too busy brewing them in your vats! I’ve been into your secret laboratory. I’ve seen the truth!

Get out, children! Get out while you still can!

You’re jumping to conclusions again. Those vats are part of a feasibility study. I’ve decided this “art” game is for suckers, and I’m going into shrimp farming.


Can I just say that ‘Bat-Kraken’ is awesome? Are there stats somewhere?

There was nothing awesome about Bat-Kraken. He was a freakish, evil monstrosity. With tentacles.

I still blame Dro and Mayuran.

I couldn’t help but notice that you’re contradicting yourself there.

Chris, if you help me make friends with Bat-Kraken, it and I will punish Luke for his Moellecite heresies.

Just as an fyi Luke, I brought cybernetic bat-krakens into Rob Bohl’s Misspent Youth game at Dreamation. They were too cool not to use.

Brett, were there giant wings, giant tentacles and cybernetic scanning systems?

Fuck yes.

Aw yeah. Bat-Kraken 2.0!

If you all love Bat-Kraken* as much as I do, I challenge you to include him in as many games (BE or not) as you can!

Bat-Kraken lives!

*BTW, he was a figure of note in that game, and that was his name “Bat-Kraken.” Nothing more, nothing less. He also had a flock of lesser space-bat-krakens at his command.

I think we’re gonna start some 40k up in this piece. I will push hard for Bat-Kraken.

First one to play Breaking the Ice with Bat-Kraken wins!


That’d be Burning the Ice, wouldn’t it?


Kraken the Ice?