Inquisitorial Tools

This first one doesn’t REALLY qualify as technology, but I think it’s pretty cool, and the best way to represent it. I may be a bit too free with the Categorical Limitations too.

Writ of Inquisitorial Immunity
Ob 14

While the Order of the Seeking Fire has extremely broad powers already, sometimes this is not enough in these dark times. When an Inquisitor is sent on a mission where he may not be able to rely on the unwavering support of his, for lack of a better word, subjects, he may request a Torch from a Cotar Antistes or Cotar Arderes. A Torch is an illuminated parchment document with the Cotar Antistes/Arderes’s seal impressed into it and his signature below. Above the seal is a brief description of the inquisitor’s mission, but no one in their right mind would challenge the applicability of a Torch. A Torch grants the bearer complete immunity from prosecution, and grants the inquisitor the right to requisition aide of any type and proceed in his mission as he sees fit.

A Torch grants two dice to Intimidation tests 5 pts
and one die to Circles tests 5pts
2Ob to all attempts to use Law against against the inquisitor 6 pts
Categorical Limitation: Excessive use of a Torch in ways tangential to the case may result in gaining a 2D Infamous Reputation as per the Order of Seeking fire.
Categorical Limitation: Should a character attempt to use a Torch in a DoW and lose, the Torch may not be use against that target again

I have a marvelous image of an inquisitor being cornered by a group of thugs, and he pulls out this tattered peice of paper, and they all flee in terror as they realize what he is.

Again, I may have been too free with the categorical limitations.

Ob 12

A Brand is an inquisitorial tool for getting information out of recalcitrant subjects. It consists of a heavy, metal, bronze coloured flaming wheel about ten centimeters in diameter that typically hangs from a thick chain around the inquisitor’s neck. In order to activate a brand, the inquisitor sealed to it must place his hand atop it and speak any one of a number of psalms regarding the virtue of honesty and forthrightness. When activated on a human, the Brand adheres to their skin, and begins secreting a potent truth serum. This truth serum renders the subject extremely suggestible, but the subject’s mind will wander, and it takes a skilled interrogator to keep them on subject. When activated on a computer console, the Brand extends microfilaments into the console and begins hacking the system, bypassing passwords and finding hidden information. Regardless of whether it is used on a human or a machine, a brand leaves a reddish burn mark on the subject that can persist for up to a week.

+2D Interrogation 5pts
6D Security Rigging (computers only)8pts
Ob 2 Security test to use if not sealed Inquisitor. 3pts

Categorical Limitation: Security Rigging may only be used to bypass computers, not physical security.
Categorical Limitation: Interrogation may only be used if subject is restrained or voluntarily submits to interrogation.
Categorical Limitation: Excessive use of a Brand in ways tangential to the Inquisitor’s case may result in gaining a 2D Infamous Reputation as per the Order of Seeking fire.

I love the Writ as technology. That’s beautiful – and I think totally appropriate in the rules. (“A nice suit” is arguably a piece of tech giving +1D to Etiquette rolls). When you price the Obstacle to using Law against the inquisitor, you’re presumably counting Church Law, Imperial Law, League Law, and Commune Law as four separate skills, hence Ob 2 costs 3 pts, +3 for three additional skills affected, total cost of six points?

The Brand is cool, too, but I’d split off the vs. human and vs. computer aspects into two technologies, because both in terms of point cost and in terms of story-function it packs too much into one device. Maybe use Keys (as in, the symbol of Saint Peter and the Popes) for the anti-security device?

I also think Interrogation already presupposes a helpless or cooperative subject, so you probably don’t get a categorical limitation for it. I think the other Cat Lims are excellent, and full of setting flavor.

Allow me also to give a hearty cheer for someone making an Inquisitor a protagonist, or at least an anti-hero, as opposed to a cardboard monster.

As Mike’s GM, let me ask this question:

When he buys these items during Character Burning, he still has to pay the cost - 4 RPs for the Torch and 3 RPs for the Brand, correct?

Or is it 2 RPs for each?

Yes, I think you’re right that they cost 4 rps and 3 rps respectively – assuming you’re on a Low Index world. Which is a lot of Resources to burn in character generation.

As GM, you have the right to say, “I like these pieces of tech so much, I’ll make them standard appropriate equipment for Inquisitors,” in which case they cost 1 rp each – not only for Mike’s character, but for any other Inquisitor, including your own nasty NPCs.

Oh, surely 2rps at the least, they are advanced and highly illegal, I’d imagine =)

By the way, Sydney, I didn’t thank you for your input. Thanks! I agree, separating the Brand into two items makes a lot of sense. And yes, I did price the Ob to Law as four separate skills.

I disagree about Interrogation though. Interrogation is just the skill of asking questions and getting answers, I believe. It doesn’t explicitly say that the subject needs to be helpless or co-operative. I’d use interrogation if I was trying to get information out of someone over a friendly beer… using a potent truth serum would be very out of place in that situation! Though I suppose Alcohol could be considered technology of sorts… hmmmmmmmmm…