Intercession of the Lords of Life and Death, 4th Circle Prayer

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I wrote up a “raise dead” spell. It works differently than the rules given in the Terrible Price, mainly because I feel Nature is a better measure of spiritual force than Health.

Intercession of the Lords of Life and Death, 4th Circle Prayer
The cleric beseeches the Lords of Life and Death directly to return an ally to life. In return, they ask some portion of the cleric’s own vital force be offered as sacrifice. Those who return from the Dry Lands are never the same, and often descend into despair and madness.

Supplies: A silken burial shroud, black ink and crow-feather quill, a silver bell.
Alignment: Unaligned
Scribe Scroll: Scholar Ob 6

Intercession of the Lords of Life and Death Factors
Connection: enemy, lover, parent, friend, acquaintance, stranger
Necrosis: intact, rigor mortis, decomposing, dismembered, desiccated
Strength of Spirit: Nature 6, Nature 5, Nature 4, Nature 3, Nature 2

Intercession of the Lords of Life and Death Effect
Invoking this prayer taxes the cleric’s current Nature by one. The prayer only works on a reasonably complete set of remains (e.g. missing an arm is possible, missing a head is not). Intercession requires a ritual space without interruption, and so may only be cast in the Camp or Town Phase. Unlike other prayers, Intercession requires a Check or a Lifestyle increase to invoke.

After a lengthy ritual, the subject is restored to life. If unable to pay the these costs, the subject cannot be revived:

  • Retain any condition you had at the moment of death, plus become Exhausted.
  • Remove all passes and fails logged for any skills and abilities.
  • Tax Health and Will by 1.
  • Lower both the Maximum Nature and Nature Cap by 1. If your Maximum Nature is ever lowered to 3 or less, replace a trait of the GM’s choosing with “One Foot In the Grave.”

Those obstacles get high quickly.

Never mind - you bring him back to life but now you’re hungry and thirsty. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there supplies or equipment that can be used for bonus dice? How about knowing their true name…

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Also, if people aren’t spending persona and demanding on this roll, they don’t deserve to pass.

Supplies as presented are just stolen from Conan the Barbarian, because that is what is best in life. The traditional D&D diamond is lame if you ask me.

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This is great! I love the enemy factor. :metal:

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For what it’s worth, the original prayer only set costs for the Raised; it’s silent on the Cleric’s spiritual force. That’s where your expansion really shines; the prayer’s so arduous, it also changes the Cleric.

Woe betide one who raises their party after a near TPK. Even success shall leave its mark.

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