Keep the Fires Burning

Hilarious thread on about Burning Empires (and Burning Wheel).

Fantastic. “BE is the John Cage of RPGs” :slight_smile:

I especially liked the bit about the “sharp kick to the back of the head.”

I’ve always eaten peanut butter! I tried chocolate and it didn’t taste like peanut butter, therefore it is a failed food. I will continue to eat minute variations of peanut butter until it explodes from my eyeballs.

Apparently I do :smiley:

Waving the flag,

  • Don

LOL! How appropriate that you give the haters a backwater voice. :smiley:

hahahah Nice. Don’t get me wrong, I had a post as long as yours written up when I just decided to delete it and add that bit in. A bit too tired to man the rant turret tonight.

But I’m glad someone manned it, and scored a some good hits as well! :wink:

I love how rehashes the same threads every three to six months.

I bit and posted. everyone is so serious. its not that fucking big of a deal if you don’t like this type of game.

Also linked BE and Paranoia. fun.

Didn’t you get the memo? The internet: serious business! :rolleyes:

The thread has been so calm. Ah, of yore, I miss thee.

I finally had to post, too–though I avoid TT Open like the plague, usually (all I need from, I get in Reviews and LARP Open). What finally motivated me to post is that no one was actually really answering the OP, aside from saying, “Because I like it!” versus “No idea; I hated it!”

So I decided to talk a bit about how you guys really support the product and obviously are providing a fine book, in spite of being small press. Of course, being a rational response to the OP, it was thoroughly ignored.

My favorite are the folks who are, like, “I flipped through it and didn’t like it.” Wow, really? Good to know: send me a picture of you saying that and I’ll get a poster made at Kinko’s! I mean, seriously… of what possible use is such a throw-away statement, even presuming the OP really wants advice or replies (as opposed to asking a rhetorical question just to rabble-rouse).

Oh, well… there’s no such thing as bad publicity–in fact, I think two or three folks in that thread expressed an interest in getting a copy of BW/BE! Don’t think of it as losing a customer; think of it as gaining three customers…

Did I win? I won, didn’t I? What did I get?

In related news, I went to a restaurant the other day that was recommended to me by complete strangers on a discussion board. I really like Mexican, but this place served up Thai or some shit. No melted cheese? No refried beans? I want a refund.


Well, at least both foods were spicy, or did the also fail to provide the spicyness? What self-respecting Mexican place wouldn’t have spicy dishes!

WTF! I already made the food analogy. :wink:

You won… Teh Internets!

Ed McMahon is on his way right now with an oversized check for you!

Sweet. Now I can buy an oversized burrito.

Well, it looks like BE ended up getting a lot of love in that thread.

What really left me scratching my head was the post counts: 7 by the guy who started the thread, and, like, 18 by some other tool with grievances to air. Maybe I’m being naive, but I think it’s weird that people would sign up and pretty much come out swinging.


if someone says that can’t stand BW/BE because of the writing style again, I’m going to punch them in the nose

through teh Internet!

if someone says that can’t stand BW/BE because of the writing style again, I’m going to punch them in the nose

Yeah I really don’t get that. What’s wrong with the writing style? Its a bit more personal than most RPG books, but let’s face it the writing in most RPG books is about as dry as a desert nomad’s ass.


That’s the WHOLE POINT of the Internet! It’s your God-given right to use the internet to post your 100% completely true opinions.