KVD Files

This massive room is filled with row after row of heavy metal filing cabinets, all neatly labeled. Within are low-tech heavy paper folders, each with a name on the tab and a holographic image of a face on the cover. Within are exhaustive details of a person’s comings and goings, their contacts, hangouts, etc. This room contains files on nearly every political dissident, criminal, and suspicious person on the world. It grants a +1 to Circles, but anyone found in this manner will automatically have the Emnity Clause.

What’s the best way to represent this limitation? Would you treat it like a Trait Limitation (-3)?

Also, is it possible to expand tech after burning? For example, could an advantage to Intimidation, Interrogation, or Extortion be added?

Categorical limitation, I think.

And yes, you could use Fabricators to build on additional elements. Or Resources to buy new modules.


Well, that’s good news and bad news, I guess. I was hoping that Emnity Clause would be worth more than one point, but it’s just a bit too cool to pass up- I love the idea that everyone that’s circled up with this has to be interrogated or broken in some way.

I suppose the trade-off to making several small Resources checks (infinitely easier than a single check) is multiple scenes describing the object. In this case, I’d probably describe hordes of underlings entering data, jackbooted thugs interrogating criminals, etc.