MG Conflict Cards

I used Magic Set Editor 2 to make some conflict cards for MG. Check 'em out and download it if you think you can use it. You’ll probably need to print ~4 copies of this sheet to have enough decks for 3 or 4 teams, assuming 3 of each action (12 cards per team deck).

Conflict cards

Here’s a sample of what the Attack card looks like. Please let me know if I messed up any of the info on the cards. (I double-checked 'em, but hey… mistakes happen.) Actual card size is baseball card size (about 3"x5").

Cool! This will help a lot with new players :smiley:


I think all the MG cards should be on the same thread so … there goes my 2 cents on the matter.

I made this ones using some images from the comic. Since they are for personal use … hoppe no one minds :S

Cards Here

Well done, Pala! Those are fantastic!

Those are quality, nice one.

To wit, I’ve used Aramis’s conflict cards - the ones with the wee pouch - quite successfully.



So have I!

Ah, dangit, I had just started on a set too.

I don’t know how I missed this thread earlier.

i like tha ones too :smiley:

Although i think i would put only the references for the corresponding action and not the complete table (my opinion).

Post the complete set when you finish it :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been actually mulling over that exact thing. The layout however was currently balanced around the table, so I posted that version.

I like these a lot, Palanolho… But you should check the attack/feint relationship on both cards, as well as the feint vs maneuver on the feint card. Feint/Maneuver is just wrond, and unless you’re wording the attack vs. feint in some way that it makes sense you you, I’d say that one was wrong as well.

I like them, though, and a small edit will make them work for me. If I get around to it soon, I’ll let you know!

can you help me? im not seeing the problem on the actions relationship :S

Hi all,
Looking at the book again, the cards should read…

vs Attack…Independent Test
vs Defend…Versus Test
vs Feint…Independent Test
vs Maneuver…Versus Test

vs Attack…Versus Test
vs Defend…Independent Test
vs Feint…No Test
vs Maneuver…Versus Test

vs Attack…No Test
vs Defend…Independent Test / Defender No Test
vs Feint…Versus Test
vs Maneuver…Independent Test vs Ob0

vs Attack…Versus Test
vs Defend…Versus Test
vs Feint…Independent Test
vs Maneuver…Independent Test
(MOS 1 Impede / MOS 2 Gain Position / MOS 3 Disarm)

I think that’s right.


(p.s. palanolho, I’ve sent a couple of PMs to you but I’m not sure if you’ve read them…)

hmm i understand now, thanks :slight_smile:

i just have one question: “Independent Test vs Ob0”

  • this means that i have to roll and must get ZERO sucesses?

It just means that any successes gained are counted as the Margin of Success. 3 successes = (3-0) = MOS 3 which can be used to disarm your opponent.


so, its exacly the same as an Independent test, right ?

This ought to be split into a new thread above, but…

Not exactly. Defend vs Defend means both teams make Independent tests. However, both of those are at Ob 3, add margin of success to your disposition. 3 successes means nothing added to your disposition.

ok … i must read the conflict actions again. thanks :slight_smile:

Just to inform that i made the error fixes you guys suggested.

I didnt place the manuver option (disarm, imped, gain advantage) welll because there was no spice on the card :\

The file is updated



Continuing the tradition of using a chopping board to showcase Mouse Guard cards, check out these badboys that I made. Close up pictures of the cards (with corrections) can be found here.

The conkers are used for checks: when a player earns a check, they grab a conker. Autumn rocks for picking up free Mouse Guard tonk.


Greetings, great cards you have.

Congratulations! :smiley: