MG Conflict Cards

Those look awesome! When released I will definitely be downloading and using them in my game. Once again looks great! Good job.

They look great. Hey, on the site that’s my games card backings! :slight_smile:

When is someone gonna let you release those babies?!?

I wish I knew. The last I heard it was a contractual issue. Waiting for my turn.

HA! I finally get permission to post my cards and Indy Pete has beaten me to it.

Ah well, here’s mine anyway:

With kind permission of both Luke Crane and David petersen:
Mouse Guard Cards and Tokens


Simply AWESOME! Thank you!
And thanks to Luke and David for allowing this!

Scarecrow, I’ve been grumbling to myself all week stuff like “gah! If only I’d waited one more week then I could’ve just downloaded those badboys” :slight_smile: I only did the ones I did because I had a convention deadline coming up and I really wanted to use your cards. Your cards are way more polished then mine, plus you have tokens for Fate and Persona points. Awesome.

One of the comments that came up after I’d used the cards for the first time was that if you’re gonna bust out cards then cards for the weapons summarising their bonuses/penalities and special rules would be nice. Seeing as the weapon list in Mouse Guard is a bounded set, I’m good to whip up some weapon cards. Would anyone else want these?

Anyways, cheers for your cards! Cheerio

Sure, I’d go with weapon cards.

I would! Maybe you could do the layouts and what-not and Crow can do the art and background? And maybe an image/drawing of the weapon… I’m all for more eye candy!

-deleted double post-


How about these as a first effort then? Please do feel free to unleash your withering critique, since it’s better to know that they’re poo sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

(Clicking on the images will take you to bigger images.)


That’s awesome pete.

One thing I’m concerned about is continuity with the text and size of the card. I have ScareCrows right now, and they’re all a certain size when you print them out. Is there an easy way to get yours the same size as his? And his test is a special fantasy type text.

Just some of my thoughts. You guys are awesome for doing these though.

Awesomeness upon awesomeness. I never thought mice with spears/swords/halberds would be cute and cool enough to be awesome.

I would vote that the weapons cards be the same as ScareCrow’s cards, if nothing but for uniformity. Also maybe the white box can be eliminated or enlarged for a bigger “text area” for those of us with glasses or with young 'uns.

That makes sense. I’ll PM Scarecrow and point him here. Reworking the card sources that I mocked up is easy enough, but he might be quicker just doing them himself from scratch. I’ll update this thread again when things are in motion.


Hey guys,

Equipment cards are something I toyed with for a while but as my group gave Mouse Guard a general thumbs down (I play with philistines) I never got round to seriously thinking about them :frowning:

I’m afraid I’ve got far too much on my plate at the moment to do them myself, especially as I’m unlikely to ever use them. However I can send Indy Pete the template PSD and the fonts if he wants to make them himself. If you want to use David’s art on the cards though, you might want to make sure he’s okay with it. He generously gave his permission for the conflict and condition cards, and whilst it seems likely that that would extend to additions to the set, it might be polite not to assume it.


Hi Crow

I’m good to whip up some equipment cards if you’ll send me the PSDs/fonts that you already have. Design is not my forte, but manipulating stuff that other folks with an eye for design have already done is within my lack of talent :slight_smile:

I’ll post 'em on here in a lo-fi version like I did with the previous mockup, so that folks can critique/correct them. Then I’ll ping Luke and David to make sure it is all kosher and append the cards to the existing PDF.

Crow, are you cool if I stick your cards PDF up on the Burning Wheel wiki? It’ll save on your bandwidth and make it easier for folks to find 'em.

EDIT: my email address is


Scarecrow has sent through the templates - cheers! - so here’s the weapon card from before done in the Scarecrow style.

Again, please do let loose with any criticism, since it’s better to know that the cards are not right sooner rather than later. Poor use of white space, text too big, text too cramped, use another border style, image should be wider, or whatever, just let rip :slight_smile:

(Clicking on the images will take you to bigger images.)


Those are made of pure awesome, Crow! Great idea to whip up weapon cards, Pete. Yoink!

Yeah, thanks for doing this guys. You’re amazing. I have no complaints with the Halberd card Pete. It looks perfect to me.

Very nice.

Pete, if you can put the cards up on the wiki then, please by all means do so.
I promised David that, hosting them on my site, I didn’t benefit either from advertising or increased bandwidth, essentially I don’t profit from the cards either directly or indirectly. He said that as long as that was the case he was happy for me to post the cards. He asked that I link to them in the forum here too, which was entirely the plan anyway :slight_smile:
I trust that by posting them on the wiki, these conditions still apply. I guess posting them on the wiki is promotion for Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard anyways, so, if anyone benefits at all it’s Luke and David.