Mouse Guard Javelin Thrower?

So I found this image on Deviant Art’s website by a guy named Kyle Ferrin (Credit where credit is due.)

Anyway, this led me to say "WOW!’ and then “How can my mouse do that?!”

So any help on ideas or gear effects are greatly appreciated.


Easiest way would to just craft or purchase a number of thrown weapons. Historically, most javelins were purpose built for throwing, but you could also craft a weapon with both spear and throwing qualities if you wanted a more versatile weapon. I figure that this would be the easiest way to go about it.

But aren’t spears already throw-able weapons?

I was also wondering what kind of resources would javelins be crafted from? Wooden splinters, metal rods, porcupine quills?

But I wonder what it would be like to carry all that stuff. Of course, I’ve always thought that the halberd was kinda bulky to carry around.

Spears are not already throw-able. May you possibly be confusing them with staffs, which are throw-able? (If you look at the armorer factors, spear and thrown are listed separately. In order to craft a weapon with both the spear and the thrown trait would be an OB 7 armorer test).

As for materials, I think all of your examples would make sense (as would other materials, like bone).

As for how they would be carried, I think there is a number of options. You could just carry a number in your off hand, which was quite common historically. Some cultures would hold javelins as well as shield in there off hand. Or you could use a box quiver, like the mouse in the picture. Some javelins also had lengths of string attached to the end to increase the distance they were able to be thrown, so there may be a way to tie it to the character.

Wow! You really know your history!

Yeah, I checked what you said and I kicked myself for not reading the rules closer. I just thought that you could throw a spear. (Darn D&D rules!)

Anyway… Ob 7 huh? Wow, that’s high. But man, I’d still like to make this work.

I wonder if I should just stick with the basic weapons from the book and hope that when the boxed set comes out Crane & Pertersen made some new additions to the gear lists.

That doesn’t make any sense. How in the hell is it that bog-standard staves count as throwing weapons and spears don’t? Even if one allows that spears specifically designed for throwing have significant structural differences from those specifically designed for melee, the semi-disposable throwing variety can’t be inordinately harder to make.

Has no one else read Musashi but me?

I have not finished the first book yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I Wiki’d" Musashi" and “spear.” This is what I got.

“The strategies listed in this discipline or book relate to situations requiring different weapons and tactics, such as indoor weapons. Musashi states that the use of halberd-like naginata and spears are purely for on the field, whereas the longsword and accompanying short-sword can be used in most environments, such as on horseback or in fierce battle.”

Although I have not read Musashi’s book, (and I know Wiki isn’t always reliable) could you please elaborate on what his practices are meant to teach us about a Mouse Guard Javelin thrower?

Absolutely nothing. I’m sorry for derailing your thread.

Haha! It’s all good. Nothing like chasing a few rabbits.

Still, javelins… man that would be awesome!

So Mr. Luke, any way of putting a “point” to this thread?

Staffs = Handy + 1D to feint, throw-able
Spears = +1D to maneuver, not throw-able

If I wanted to combine the 2, or just make a spear I can throw (which I’m guessing is closest to a javelin) am I able? Is the Ob of 7 a good number for this weapon?

I would use the rules for making weapons. I think that illustration is cool, but I’ve never been compelled to play a guardmouse with javelins so I don’t have any special insight.

sighs Fine, I’ll pick up a copy. But Ob 7 seems high for the privilege of using essentially stone-age weaponry.

I only see Ob 3 – Thrown weapon.

MAYBE Useful, too.

But you’re also not looking at this from the right angle. Stone age weapon, sure. But STONE AGE weapon, right? Not terribly effective in the paradigm of weapons. Thus, roll the dice and take your twists and conditions.

Huh. whips out book Looks like you’re right… Cheers. Where’d that Ob 7 come from?

Your natural predisposition to be evil?

The OB 7 came from me combining the armorer factors Spear (Armorer factor 3) and Thrown (armorer factor 4).

( Luke, I believe you may have misspoke. In this thread you said that thrown is OB 3, but comments you made in this post , would imply that it is an OB 4 )

So a spear is Ob 2, and a javelin is Ob 3 by the text as I read it. If you want a javelin that also works as a spear, it becomes Ob 5.

That completely contradicts what Luke said in the linked thread though; he seems to take the starting point, then add on the list position on top of that (for spear as Ob 3, javelin as Ob 4, and the combo weapon Ob 7).

Also, is there a master list of item factors, so that one could compare Deadly vs Hard to Defend, without having to search out specific weapons with each?

Give Michael Prescott a prize, he was right all along. I miscounted in that old thread. That’s what you get for not double-checking the rules!

Thank you for clearing that up Luke. I have been playing a Patrol Leader with armorer, and look forward to failing by a smaller margin then I usually do.