Mouse Guard PC Portraits

So, in a mad fit of inspiration, I picked up a HB pencil and 0.4 ink pen, and proceeded to produce some PC portraits for MG, ostensibly for use in the after-school rpg club I run for the kids at the school I teach in.

You can see the quick evolution and change from the initial two pics (which are essentially just modified sketches of Petersen originals), through the third (which was done from a quick mental snapshot of an image from the comic) to the final three pics which were off-the-cuff. The final one, incidentally, is a Mouse Guard version of myself. :wink:

If enough folks are interested, I’ll happily share any more MG PC portraits I produce as they only take me a few minutes each to whip up now I’m getting the hang of it.



Very nice, I would not mind seeing any others you have done.

I love the last one.

Nice work…

Thanks for the kind words, folks. Did these in a few minutes towards the end of my lunchbreak today:

Anyone have any kind of requests, by the way?


A few longer/narrower would be way cool.

Numbering them would be cool, too, so we can easily refer to them.

I am by no means an artist, but here is my first attempt. (Drawn and then photo taken with cell phone - don’t have a scanner).


Those are awesome! I request some with hats and hoods. (But no Robin Hood caps, that’s just not cool). The fellow with the scarf looks quite dapper.

Okay, long/narrow and hats/hoods will be the next ones I whip up.


Portraits to go with the characters from the thread at would be really cool.

  • Neil.

Great job guys, reminds me of SpearGrass.

Really quick sketch:

Nice sketches !

I had this idea of providing a template mouse sketch to my players and color pens during the character creation phase.
Then I would ask them to put their Fur and Cape color on it for everyone to see, adding some details such as weapon of choice, other items…
It would basically work like a colorbook for kids, which in return would certainly add a kid-friendly factor to the character creation phase, as I have read for other indie games (don’t recall their names, though)
It could also serve as a “name-tag” that every player would put in front of them, which in my experience in other games always comes in handy, at least for my players :slight_smile:

Could you whip up some templates ?

I’ll try to post some myself if I can :slight_smile:

Those are really great Colin. I’d love to see more. How about a mouse with a tri-corner hat (b/c tri-corners are always cool).

BTW - I also run an after-school game club where I teach. :cool:

Here is a sketch I did last night. Maybe someone can give him/her a backstory.

Nice idea, and might do something like it when I get the time. This coming half-term holiday, perhaps. My hardcopy of MGRPG should’ve arrived by then as well.


Nice to see another teacher hereabouts, especially one sharing the benefits of roleplaying.
As for the tri-corn wearing mouse, I’ll see what I can do.


Great work, mate! It gets a big thumbs-up from me. :slight_smile:


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