New to Roleplaying and Nervous about Meeting

I have been in love with the guard since 2008, but it was only a few days ago that I got the RPG Box set. I am eager to learn, and more than willing to listen, but I am…still nervous about meeting people in real life to do this. I am only 17 and all, so it would be a bit of a buzzkill to bring me on. Is there any way to do it online or is that just ridiculous?

As a nearly 30 year old who recently added a 16 and 18 year old to my group, with any decent group you wouldn’t be a buzzkill.

That said, a good first step would be checking out to see if there are any groups for RPGs in your area, and otherwise trolling gaming stores, and if none of that works, make players out of friends you have. Online gaming definitely works too, but it tends to have odd pacing unless you really hash things out with your fellow players. Where around do you live?

Yeah, but I am kind of uncomfortable with groups right now, but I would be more than happy to do online gaming ^^
I live in Colorado, Denver.

Don’t be shy! Roleplaying games are the best hobby in the world. And I’ve met more great people through gaming than I can count, including some of my best and closest friends. RPers are the smartest, nicest, most socially adept people you’re ever going to meet. Since we’re all talking in funny voices, we tend to be an open-minded and forgiving lot.

Go play!

Hi DP3,

You can both meet people online, and meet people in person. Anyone who treats you crappy, you just move on and keep meeting people.

One myth to avoid is the idea that roleplaying is a marriage- that you’re supposed to find The One Group and stick with them forever- meet a lot of people, play a lot of games. That way, when people are busy, you’ll have a nice broad network of gamers to go play with.


What everyone else said. Plus, if you meet some gamers and they make you feel uncomfortable don’t game with them. Keep looking till you find a group of people you really get along with. That’s when the magic happens.


Thank you for all the support and responses. I am only looking to be part of a community, but I have a hard time being comfortable with people who have similar interests as me. Strange, yes, but I am trying to get over it! I am an avid video gamer but consider Mouse Guard being a table top game a huge advantage over any type of software. That last sentence seemed out of place, but ah well. I would like to know if there are any groups that do play online, but first I would like to ask: Should I create a custom charactor now, or just begin with a pre-made character?

That’s really a question for whoever is GMing. As far as finding an online group, there is a thread in these forums trying to do just that.

Thank you; I’ll look at the thread and see if any games are avaliable

You can noodle around and make a character on your own, but expect to make a character for your game with your group when you get started.

Right. I’ll wait for a group and get a character then.

Online via a chat program works quite well. Face to Face works better.

Would like to do a face to face group in the future, but for right now I am just looking for a online patrol

I was lucky enough to meet all the members of my RP group during the course of my college years. But it required putting myself out there and bringing up the fact that I played RPs in the first place. I know it can be scary, since a lot of people have a lot of differing opinions about roleplaying, but you just have to keep searching! I’d recommend trying to find a local game shop (I have an amazing one in DC) and see if they host events.

Hey I have a group in westminster CO always looking for new members if you want to try it out. We just got the book and haven’t played yet so you wont be anymore lost than we are. We are pretty easy to get along with and we all play vid games too.

hit me up if you wanna try and set something up

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I’d like to suggest another approach: take the friends you already have and turn them into RPGers! The most enthusiastic player in my group has zero prior experience. I loaned her the comics one day and casually mentioned that she could have her very own mouse if she wanted. Then I had to explain what a role-playing game was. You’d be surprised how quickly someone can be converted, although I’d have to say that a large part of my players’ loyalty is a direct result of the snacks I provide.

Well, I kinda don’t have friends to convert, since I’m kind of a social recluse. Sorry for not responding in a timely manner.

No sweat on the timely manner; I’d say try finding a game on the message boards then. There’s some older ones in progress too, so you can see how they work and get comfortable with the process (plus, sometimes it’s plain entertaining to see the stories other players come up with). Other folks have suggested going to your local game/hobby shop, which has the added benefit of being a public space. When I first started out, I’d often go for game night, but get nervous and pretend to just be browsing in the store. Sucks being shy, but I grew out of it. Mostly. :slight_smile:

Right…I’m going through the most suckiest part of being a teenager, so pardon if I am being kind of over emotional. I don’t have a game store where I am (Not that I am aware of, anyway).