PBEM patrols now forming!

Hello all, I’m a new MG GM but with extensive rpg experience. I’m looking for players to form various patrols which I will GM and moderate. I have a Blue Patrol forming now and I expect to launch them on their mission within a week or two (I’m ready but they need time still).

Anyway, PM me or reply to this thread if you’re interested.

Please don’t join if you’re unwilling to follow through though. Thank you.

I’m definitely interested. What are the expected schedules for the games? (I’m talking about post/reply frequencies. That is, you send out a post, what’s the expected time limit for sending in a response?)

I’ve got a grizzled veteran guard I’ve been wanting to play for a good long while. Recently back into serving with a patrol after an over-long stint monitoring a remote section of the scent border.

Name: Siemon

Concept: weather-worn scout & master archer

Guard Rank: Patrol Guard

Mouse Age: 40
Will: 4
Health: 4
Mouse Ability:

Mouse Nature: 4
Do you save for winter even if it means going without something now? Yes
Cannot take Bold or Generous traits.
When confronted, do you stand your ground and fight or do you run and hide? Stand & Fight
Do you fear owls, weasels and wolves? No

Where Were You Born?: Barkstone
Skills: Carpenter
Traits: Steady Paw

Life Experience:
Naturally Talented: Pathfinder
Parent’s Trade: Armorer
Convincing: Deceiver
Apprenticed To: Cartographer (Senior Artisan)
Mentor Training: Hunter (Aunt Lilly; family)
Guard Experience: Fighter, Hunter x2, Pathfinder, Scout, Survivalist, Loremouse, Weather-Watcher
Specialty: Pathfinder

Knowledgeable: 3 Wises
Forest-wise (Long years traversing the forests have taught Siemon much about surviving its depths.)
Lockhaven-wise (Siemon has lived in Lockhaven since he was 10, and due to his curiosity, is more familiar with its nooks than most.)
Rain-wise (Long years in the wilds have taught Siemon the signs of coming weather.)

Guard Resources: 6 (No Generous, Bold, or Fiery traits to start)
In winter, do you still practice a trade like weaving, smithing or pottery for the Guard? Yes
Are your parents smiths, politicians, merchants or apiarists? No
Do you like to buy gifts for yourself and your friends? No
Are you thrifty? Yes
Have you ever been in debt? Or are you generally bad with money? No
Do you always pack carefully for a journey, ensuring you have everything you need? Yes

Guard Circles: 4 (No Extrovert trait)
Is your mouse gregarious? Does he have lots of friends? Does he make friends easily? No
Do you have strong ties to the guard? Perhaps a family tradition or allies within the Guard? Yes
Has your character accomplished some great task in the Guard? Does he already have a reputation? Yes
Does your character have powerful enemies in the Territories? No
Has your character been convicted of a crime? No?
Is your character a loaner, tough and cool? Yes

Mouse Traits:
Born with: Natural Bearings

Fur Color: Dark Brown with specks of Gray; ragged

Parents: Mamma & Pops Greenwood
Pops, who taught Siemon everything he knows about bows, died two winters back, a happy (but extremely old) mouse. Mamma is getting on in years, and is mostly blind, but can still turn out beautiful blades with the help of her newest apprentice.

Senior Artisan: Thurstan the Scout
Thurstan is an old, maimed mouse with a memory for landmarks and a keen hand for maps. His stories primed Siemon for a life in the Guard, traversing the un- (or poorly-) charted wilderness.

Mentor: Aunt Lilly
Lilly, Mamma Greenwood’s youngest sister, is brave, if odd, hunter for the Guard, known to spend winters on active watch at the borders. When Siemon ‘graduated’ to tenderpaw, Lilly took over his training, and tempered his enthusiasm with an unrivaled sense of duty, and some harsh experience in the wilds.

Friend: “Raven”
Raven is a tiny, black mouse who has befriended a small rook of ravens, she’s a bit ‘off’ to say the least, but has a surprising level of insight about coming events. Almost as if she can see the future. (Or, it may just be that ravens pay more attention that the mice think.)

Enemy: ???
An albino mouse from Wolvespointe was accidentally slighted by Siemon four Winters back. Humiliated by the incident, he has built the incident up in his mind to a frothing hatred and wants to ruin Siemon’s reputation before seeing him dead. He has made a few attempts, but luck has been on Siemon’s side so far, to the point that Siemon is only vaguely aware that this mouse holds some grudge against him.

Cloak Color: Patchwork, Hunter-Green & Brown
The cloak has seen many winters on Siemon’s back, and readily shows the wear. Originally gifted to him by his mentor (Aunt Lilly) when he became a guardhouse, it has been worn with pride and courage. Constantly mended, it consists mostly of patches at this point, but Siemon wouldn’t think of replacing it (even if very little of it is actually the original cloak), it means far too much to him, representing his family’s honor, the respect of his Aunt, and his place in the Guard.

First Mission:

Belief: “The Guard exists to protect the weak from all predators. Those without and within.”


Instinct: Keep to cover. Fight from the high ground. Watch the shadows.

Weapon of choice: Bow & 12 arrows
Gear: Cloak, knife, ‘rope’

Fate: 1
Persona: 1

This is an exelent picture for Siemon, except for a few details. The cloak should be patchwork brown & green as described above, he’s a darker brown, starting to grey with age, and his backup weapon is a knife, not a sword.

Just noticed I hadn’t given any details for the third question in the Circles section, “Has your character accomplished some great task in the Guard? Does he already have a reputation? Yes”.

Early in his career, just his second winter after receiving his cloak, Simon and his mentor (Aunt Lilly) and the rest of their patrol were out near Walnutpeck, when a wolf was sighted nearby on the wrong side of the scent border. Siemon downplays his role in the encounter, but the Lilly, and the other surviving member of the mission told Gwendolyn of his heroics, blinding the wolf with a pair of carefully placed shots, the second fired from the creature’s own snout. The reckless action saved one member of the patrol from certain death, and allowed the rest of them to rally and run the beast off.

Siemon doesn’t have that same reckless streak any more, but if pushed he may still be capable of that same sort of heroic stupidity. (Though he hopes he’s never pushed that far again.)


I’d be interested as well, I just need to know how quickly you want to get responses back, etc. There will also be 2 weeks (Dec. 18th through Jan 1st) in which I’ll be out of the country, but other than that, I’ve been wanting to give a PBEM game a shot. I’ve been playing too much GM lately and need a chance to actually play a game :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife says she would be interested as well, but she wants to see how one of these games turns out before jumping in. She’s both a little shy, and has less time on her hands than I do.


Hey guys, thanks for your interest. The amount of time commitment is very reasonable. My goal is that everyone has FUN. I don’t expect that people will post multiple times a day or even every day. Honestly, it’s more about the story and having fun.

I would encourage your wife to join us specifically for that reason. MY wife is going to play in the Blue Patrol (the first patrol I’m launching). I’m sure both the wives would enjoy the friendship of a fellow female gamer.

I cannot emphasize enough that I want this to be low pressure and fun and a way for us to enjoy a deep and exciting game of MG while making new friends.

Oh, and holiday vacations or other times away won’t be a problem either. We can either wait for your return or you can delegate a player to “run your mouse” in your absence.

I’m interested as well, if there’s still room…

Ok looks like Voice will be the Patrol Leader for the Red Patrol! BADASTERYSK, you and KillerMarmot (and possibly the Mrs.) can play tenderpaws. Sound good? I will PM you each with my email address and then I will send you a link to access the GoogleDoc where the game will take place.

*** I will now be accepting recruits for the Green Patrol, now forming!

Zzzman, sounds great! The Mrs. said, “Sign me up!”, so we’re both on board now.

Out of curiosity, why tenderpaws?

I kind of agree with Badasteryks, in that with 4 players, wouldn’t that be an excellent opportunity to play with 1 mouse of each of the four lowest ranks (1 tenderpaw, 1 mouse guard, 1 patrol guard and 1 patrol leader)? If you’ve got a plan (and it sounds like you do), I’m for it all the way, it just seems like that is the most logical way to go. Tenderpaws must have their mentor with them, which means to maximise the amount of tenderpaws (2), you must have at least any combination of 2 really old mouse guards, 2 patrol guards or 2 patrol leaders.

That’s an excellent idea! I suggest we allow Siemon to be our Patrol Leader since he posted up his mouse first. I will support you guys working out who takes which role beyond that. Although I might suggest that Mrs.Marmot might be well suited to tenderpaw.

I have your Red Patrol OOC (out of character) document ready. I sent you each a PM with my email. Email me and i’ll link you to the game!

This sounds fun. as soon as we get you four uploaded then we will begin!

Badasteryks, would you be willing to play a Mouse Guard then, as I have a Patrol Guard mentor created and my wifey has a Tenderpaw made up. If you’d like to do something different, we’re more than flexible, but it’s an option I’ve got open.

Just to be clear (I’m not sure if you are using specific language or not), Patrol Leader is an acutal Guard rank; Siemon is ‘only’ a Patrol Guard. Given these ranks and descriptions, technically, the group could still use a Patrol Leader. I’m not saying Siemon can’t be the group’s leader, but he’s definately not a Patrol Leader (at least not according to the specific wording in the rules).

Also, as I post this, I have not yet received your PM.

That is something that I had overlooked as well, Badasterysk. I guess skimming over Siemon, I thought I had read Patrol leader in the desc. The ranks go tenderpaw, guardmouse, patrol guard, patrol leader and guard captain, and guard captains are practically non-existent on missions that are not of grave importance and is mostly an administrative position. To make Siemon a Patrol Leader, he would have to adjust his character’s stats, or make a new one. This shouldn’t be too difficult to work out, but let me ask you, what position would you like to play, Badasterysk?

Given what everyone else has posted, either a Guardmouse or Patrol Leader. Depending on whether or not Voice cares to modify Siemon to a Patrol Leader (which I doubt seeing as all that work has already been submitted), I’m leaning towards the latter.

OOPS! Double Post!

Cool, I’ll plan on making a Guardmouse then. Just know that he who chooses Patrol Leader also gets to take on the young tenderpaw as her Mentor :wink:

Actually, Siemon wouldn’t make a good patrol leader (regardless of the fact that he’s only a Patrol Guard). He’s been a loaner for several winters now, and isn’t used to thinking in group dynamics. In fact, to my mind, that’s part of why he’s still a Patrol Guard at 40, he’s not enough of a ‘people person’ that Gwendolyn has felt comfortable putting him in charge of a patrol.

Of course, if someone wants to play his tenderpaw (despite probably having ‘better’ choices available), it may be that Gwendolyn is finally trying to push him in that direction by actually making him directly responsible for someone. :eek:

Cool. Looks like I’ll move forward with a Patrol Leader…

Agreed. Sounds good.

I’ve resent PMs to all of you. If you don’t get my email address let me know.

The next step is now to upload all the mouse stats to the Google Doc once I’ve sent you your invite email. And then it’s game on!

This charatceter (Siemon) is well though out. You’re really setting a nice standard for character background and deep immersion for this game.

I’m surprised his home is Barkstone and not Lockhaven…