PbP of PbEM MG

I’m looking for players for a pbp or pbem format game of Mouse Guard. Experienced players or those new to the game are welcome. I have some experience GMing Mouse Guard. I’m looking for serious players, meaning people who won’t flake out once the game gets going. Let me know if you are interested.

I am a HUGE Mouse Guard fan and would like to play in a game. PbP would be better for me than Mail. I’m not experienced with this type of game however but i think i can manage to keep posting for that.

Great! PbP is fine. Let’s see if we get some more patrol members. in the mean time, you can post a concept for your mouse.

Hmmm, nothing yet.

Color me interested! If you have anymore specifics on the type of game you’ll be running that would be nice. Pbp is also preferable for me !

I’d like to hear player ideas, or see some ideas from recruiting the mice. I really enjoy the comics, so I would be fine doing something along the lines of those. I’m not sure what kind of specifics you are looking for.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I was talking about either…I’m just to use to asking about other systems, where that question is important. Forgive me, I have yet to start Mouse Guard, having only recently read through the book a couple of times!

As to ideas about my character, I was gonna make a Fat Patrol Guard, who has developed a rather protective side, after seeing many deaths in his time. The deaths that struck him the most were those of the innocents, women and children particularly, but also small-folk in general. His Belief would revolve around this ideal, as would his instinct. I’ll have to flesh him out at some point…

I was thinking of playing a really noble/knightly Guard Mouse. Someone who is relatively new in the guard but has strong ethics.

For the BIT i was thinking along the lines of

B: Only a noble Guard Mouse is a good Guardmouse
I: Always try to regain your honor as fast as possible if you lost it
T: Guard Honor/Noble, Tall

His name would be Luwik and he would be a mixture of talky and fighty mouse in his skill

This sounds like a good concept. You might consider the Bodyguard and Fat traits.

To answer you question in more detail, I think i would stick pretty closely to the setting as described in the comics and the RPG book, using the four basic obstacle types. I’ll come up with some kind of main story thread depending on the mice in the patrol.

As a matter of fact I had planned on just those two traits, haha. I try to flesh him out, a little more, give him a more veteran kinda feel. Also it sounds like my unnamed Fat-Mouse and Luwik will get along very well :slight_smile:

Praion - Luwik looks to be a very interesting mouse. For his belief, you are using noble in the sense of “a higher moral standard”, correct? In other words, Luwik believes only guardsmice that live up to this higher moral standard are good guardsmice? This could be very interesting. His instinct is intriguing as well.

This is what i came up with after recruitment, he is really combat focused right now but i didn’t really wanted a lot of wildernesskills and couldn’t put points in the talky once. I would have really liked to put my specialty into persuader but it went to fighter.
I’m still not sure on how to word the belief

Luwik - Guardmouse
Age 21
Home : Lockhaven
Fur color : blonde-white
Cloak Colour : steelblue

Parents : Trisha - Historian of Lockhaven
Hamen - Old Gateguard in Lockhaven

Senor Artisian : Beagan Weaver of Cloaks

Friend : Melisa, Boatcrafter from Port Summac

Enemy : Lester - Guard in Frostic
(Lester got „promoted“ to the Frostic outpost after Luwik pointed out his misbehaviour)

Belief : A life lived in noble fashion is a life well lived but serving the Guard and all mice is my duty
Instinct : Allways redem my honor as fast as possible

Nature 4
Will 3
Health 3
Ressources 2
Circles 4

Skills :

Fighter 5
Instructor 3
Scout 2
Persuader 3
Weaver 2
Archivist 3
Haggler 2
Hero Wise 2
Open Ground Wise 2

Noble 1
Tall 1


Spear with an old Guardflag

Hmm…I was gonna go combat focused, perhaps I’ll switch up my character concept to cover more bases.

Yeah i know, i felt really sorry but i wasn’t sure how else i should have spend my points. I wanted to have persuader higher but i couldn’t if the GM says i could put my specialty there i would do…
Putting more points in Instructor seemed a bit wasted for me since this is like a pure player turn skill and would only really help with maybe a tenderpaw in the party.

Hey man, it’s Doug, the Blue Patrol GM. I’d be interested in playing in your game if you’ve got a slot open. I could create a character and be ready to go in under 24 hours. Let me know!

–Doug (zzzMAN74)

Don’t short-sell skills like Weather Watcher, Scout, Pathfinder, Healer, etc. They are ALL really important in Mouse Guard. Fighter isn’t the only important one. I think one fighty-mouse is good though.

MGzebo - you might want to reconsider. You could make a mouse that specializes in something else, but it decent at fighting too, or make a hunty-mouse. Still packs some fighting punch, but opens up some other options.

Hey Doug! Yeah, recruit a mouse. that will make the patrol 3, which I think is sufficient to play if no one else signs up in the next day or two.

Yeah that’s what I was saying, I don’t want to have to many fighters in the party. And I would be posting a build, but I’ve been kinda busy, but I’ll have one up tomorrow for sure.

OK, I’m sipping my coffee and beginning to work on a mouse right now!

nice, looking forward to see what you come up with. I was thinking of maybe putting another point from fighter to healer but i don’t want to have that many Player Turn skills…