PDFs of specific versions/printings

My physical copy of BWG is the fifth printing, and my copy of Codex is first edition, first printing. I assume that the PDFs available for purchase are the latest editions of BWGR and Codex – is there a chance that PDFs of older editions might be released? Or could the PDF downloads be expanded to include PDFs for each edition/printing in the same package?

It is not possible but dare I ask why?

Physical copies are my go-to’s for these types of books, but PDF’s remain handy as a backup in case something happens to my physical copies (i.e. water damage, left them somewhere, etc) and/or for printing off a copy of a page to make my own notes on so I’m not writing in my book. That’s why my preference is, wherever possible, to have the same version of a physical book in an electronic copy.

I also saw on the Burning Con thread ( Burning Con 2023 ) that there would be Burning Wheel games running using all editions (which I assumed to mean BW, BWR, BWG, and BWGR) and that made me wonder if those versions were still available, at least digitally.

Not a huge deal if the previous versions are not available in PDF – just thought I’d ask. Thanks for getting back with me.

Hey, yeah. There are many versions of each book in print because at the time of reprinting, I would always correct a few bits of errata.

But I never named my files by printing, instead I simply iterated the versions. So I don’t know what printing R15 is, for example.

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Fair enough. Is it possible that the latest or final revision of each version (BW, BWR, BWG, BWGR) could be made available as a PDF?

Those are the only PDFs available due to the Adobe fiasco.


Ah, I understand. Thank you!

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