Picking IMS values when making weapons

I don’t quite know how this is supposed to work. My current understanding is as follows:

  1. Pick an existing weapon of the correct index, discarding its tech traits but keeping the IMS.

  2. Buy an ammo category.

  3. Add traits.

  4. Compute value of traits, plus value of weapon category. Buy weapon.

The thing I’m not seeing here is why weapons like the CEBW exist. It’s the same type and index as the SCrEW, but has a worse IMS. Sure, it’s a balanced weapon due to the Superior trait and a better ammo category, but why was it burned up that way rather than just using the SCrEW IMS?

What am I missing about how you buy an IMS? Or are you just supposed to buy devices or modifications, never whole weapons? (Rules-wise, that is. I’m assuming that a jacked fusor wouldn’t be one that some fool cut up and shortened, it’d be a different factory model, but you could model that by buying a fusor and separately a piece of tech that adds the Jacked trait.)

I don’t believe you either remove the traits the weapon comes with or the initial ammo capacity of the weapon.


SCrEWs are Advanced/Restricted tech. CBEW’s are “most basic iteration.” Meaning, on low index world, a CBEW is your first choice of weapon and costs 1 pt. A SCrEW is restricted and costs 2 pts.

A SCrEW, if I’m not mistaken is also +1 Ob to hit with, right?

Anyway, aside from that, you’re spot on about burning up weapons. Pick the most basic iteration for your tech level from the list and modify it.


Aha! Okay, I get it.

So if I want to make a custom SCrEW from scratch, how do I buy that enhanced IMS?

If you’re on a low index world, this would work:
2 pts for CCW, +1 pt More Powerful, +1 pt for PITAP.

Be creative. The tech rules, especially the weapons, are meant to be loose so you can slip in your own ideas (and keep to what’s appropriate to your world).