Property and Tech

So my Forged Lord wants to buy a palace to hang around in. For every point you spend on property, you get three points in the tech burner to gussy it up. This is where I get a little confused…

Would something like this be acceptable?

Palace, 2 resource points = 6 technology points

4pts - Manned Security Stations
2pts - Ancient Psychologist designed murals, +1 Steel to the Ruler and Staff

Can I take negative value tech traits to get more points to spend? Something like:

4pts - Manned Security Stations

3pts - Murals, +2 Steel
-1pts - Obscure Circumstances

I think it would be fine if the limitations made sense beyond the obvious. The tech is already tied to that location, so no limitations based on that.

Stormsweeper, as my GM for this BE game I consider you the enemy and everything you say is suspect. I will now give you the ‘cold shoulder’.

GM sets limitations for tech.

Otherwise, everything else said here is true.