Psychologist tech: High index only?

It appears that Psychologist tech is restricted to High Index tech levels, but the Tin Foil Hat sure looks like tech that interferes with Psychology. An oversight? Should the TFH be High Index? Is there some category of Psychology-related tech that’s okay at Low (or lower?) Index levels?


Damn it! That’s what I get for making joke tech. Thor, bless his soul, tried to get it stricken from the game, but I overruled him.

Apparently, I also overruled my good judgement.

Orbital mind control lasers are still just low-index, right?

Sorry I killed the funny, Luke. :frowning: We were just so enthusiastic about jumping into psychotechnology for our new game…and then bumped into that little line in the book.

My concession, for being such a wet blanket, will be to post up some of our burned goodies for consideration, comment, wikification, whateva.


HAHA. Beware the Gnomes Of Zurich faction!


This issue has been cleared up with the Customizing Tech Index revelation, right?

Yup! We’re just going to leave the tech index alone and save the cool stuff for a future game.