Psychology Tech

I’d like to see a bunch of neat tech items in this category. Ideas?

While I had the Circle of 10k foundation in the Carsan empire in mind for these creations they could possibly apply elsewhere as well.

Example1: psychic planetary shield

I’m currently working on a concept with the circle of 10,000 foundation where they find an ancient artifact which turns out to be a psychic shield for an entire planet. Ironicly, it takes 10,000 psychics to ‘power’ the shield. I haven’t worked out all the details with the GM yet but he liked the idea.

Shield sizes could be varied from small items, to personal, or planetary size.

Example2: psychic activated equipment

The foundation takes security seriously. Why not have psychic activated equipment. This could vary anywhere from simple doors & lights, to weapons, armor, & ships.

“If it ain’t ‘Bright’ it ain’t right!” …anonymus foundation anvil soldier

Example3: psychic tools

A very hi index technology(can you say rare Mr. Chuckles) used to make extremely high quality materials needed for items such as the psychic planetary shield. You don’t want imperfections getting amplified countless times…bad things can happen Ray.

Psychic tools allow construction of near perfect molecular materials much quicker than typical lab construction by using the mind will-power to align molecules as required. This may require 1 or more psycho’s err…psychologists to operate. Obviously this would require training and time. Cost…muhahaha level.

Other stuff like psychic jammers, various enhancers, bad/not perfect/low quality pyschic stuff, psychic diseases/ailments/sicknesses, psychic torture, I dunno, there’s lots of smart people out there with good ideas. Let’s here some. :slight_smile:

Burn it!

The only thing I see right now is that in the general Karsan League population there aren’t 100 spare Psychologists, let alone 10,000. They’re valued military and political instruments, generally found in positions of high authority. For instance, the lowly backwater-trained lieutenant-Psychologist in Shiva’s war is essentially the planet’s military second-in-command. He’s one of two Psychologists living on the world. So unless you’ve burned a world where at least 5% of the population has the Mark, a shield that requires 10,000 Psychologists might as well require a billion. Make it 20 and you’re talking.

The lock is a great idea, high-index tech and straightforward to burn.

Not to be overly nitpicky but were Shiva and the Lt the only psychologists (well aside from the bad guy) on the planet or was it just their valley-fiefdom. I had the impression that the other valleys had their own feudal-esque militaries which may or may not have included a psychologist or two… but that we don’t really know because by and large the conflict doesn’t escalate to point of their direct involvement.

In either case, I agree with the main point about psychologist rarity.

Oh no you didn’t.

LOL…perhaps it could be argued that perhaps there would be a handful of worlds that contained higher concentrations of psychologists. There would be some sense in having a training institute and having more than just one if for no other reason that to avoid complete aniliation on one planet.

A game setting I had in mind was to change the psychologists setting from one of undesired people huddled on poor worlds to one of more prominence on the better worlds due to the Vaylen invasion of the Carsan empire. The Circle of 10k was found to be of key importance to not only detect aliens in high command but to provide an additional tactical competitive advantage through pyschic boosting in key military engagements to drive the Vaylen back. That’s why they stopped them and repelled them in a mere 3 years time. Now they remain in critical top positions making sure a planets command structure remains Vaylen free. The result of which has allowed the foundation to grow tremendously in power both politically and militarily.

Further, I believe once psychology was determined to be real and not make-believe, many people would start modifying the dna for newborns so that they either would have psychic potential or at least a better chance of having a psychic potential. It’s that whole competative advantage thing.

I dunno, it sounded good even though it may stray a bit from the established norm.

You know what ROGAR308 (you’re a rogue robot, aren’t you?), you can do anything you like with the World Burner. Mean ol’ Merrit Bagget and Devin Zabieru can’t say nothing about it!

It’s your world to burn. If you want to hand over thousands of psychologists to the Vaylen, we support you!


ROFLOL…rogue robot rogar308 reporting in…err wait a minute…?!

Psychology is such a mega kewl part of the game. Ok, maybe I tend to just run off the cliff at full speed before looking down but hey, it IS make believe…right? At the least, I can temper my world(s) to be closer in line with the norm, comprimises, ugh, feels like arguing with the wife. No, wait, she’s right all the time.

We should start playing BE this Saturday in earnest since last meeting was just myself and the GM. Oddly enough, all the (new) players are having me make the characters for them, well at least the number crunching stats, skills, & lifepaths after they tell me their character concept. I refuse to do the beliefts & instincts but at least we’ll get two more players.

It’s so awesome you guys check the boards so often and respond. Thanks, it’s appreciated!

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