Psychotech: Staff of Cleansing Flame

Next up, a big showy staff intended for use by psychologist Inquisitors in their quest for truth. And their quest to make people soil themselves.

  • High Index
  • Triggers a Steel test in its victim (8 pts, device: enhancement)
  • Increases Hesitation in the target by +3 (4 pts, +3 Hesitation)
  • Limited number of uses = owner’s Will (-3, trait limitation)
  • Requires a successful Close Combat test (-1, categorial limitation)
  • POSSIBLY obscure circumstances: the CC must be an ICHASHITF escalation of a Duel of Wits, i.e. it’s not meant for ass-whuppin’ in melee, but rather a “bring out the comfy chair!” type thing after a (“failed”) interrogation. I’d probably give it a -1 (can be used only twice per phase)

So…maybe total 7 pts. I went with the very expensive device: enhancement option because I felt like triggering a Steel test using device: obstacle was possibly abusive. At the very least, the fact that Steel tests are already dependent on the target’s Hesitation makes simply increasing their Hesitation (rather than buying an Ob from the ground-up, max Ob4 at High Index) undercosted. HOWEVER, if it’s legal, here’s the alternative build using that:

  • Force a Steel test, +4Ob (5 pts, device: obstacle)
  • Requires a successful Close Combat test (-1, categorial limitation)
  • Must be used as an escalation of a DoW (-1, obscure circumstances: can be used only twice per phase)
  • no limited uses in this version!

Cost 3 tech points

Gah! I forgot the color on this one: This is intended to induce in the victim a sense of burning up from the inside-out. We also contemplated a test that would grant a general Ob to every test the target took but couldn’t figure out the mechanics.