Purpose of Mouse Guard Pawns

Hey! I am new and starting a new thread, so if i am wrong please send tell/ PM me! :slight_smile:

What are they, pray tell? i am new and ignorant as heck, btw.

the mouse pawns; i thought they merely represented groups of three MG (pawn, mousehead, three green dots per pawn) on the map. i was considering using regular pawns instead with dots, if i can find any goups to try it out with.

I am going off on a tangent now, i apologize. for the colors though, i saw green in the MG RPG book (and possibly fall 1152?). So i was curious as to whether it works like this:

Green: doing good, living well.
Yellow: flesh wound to wounded.
red: bad day! hurt kinda bad, seriously, need help. (up to expectant death)
Black: graveyard dead.

The Big Three are the three questions to ask when designing a game. An old post by Jared can be found here.