Question about Multiple Team Conflict

Okay, so I’m going to be running my first Mouse Guard game very soon with a 5 player group and I have a question.

If two player teams are in an Attack Conflict with a single opponent, say a Fox, do both player teams each roll disposition or is there only a single disposition for the entire patrol?

And if it’s multiple Dispositions do I have to target each one separately? Or does my attack action count towards both?

Seems to me that if I have to target each separately I’m pretty much going to be beat fairly easily, but if I attack both at once there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in having separate dispositions.

Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated.

Two teams two dispositions. So yes the fox would have to target one at a time.

Just remember that mice are too small to harm a fox in an ordinary attack conflict.

Two teams must have separate goals. It is the GM’s job to provide the adequate amount of opposition.

Cool beans, thanks. I thought that was it, but I didn’t remember seeing it specified in the book.

So that means that if everyone had a versus roll, using the fox as an example, the fox could only versus one of them and the other would be unopposed? I suppose it makes sense that he can only nip at one group at a time.

On p. 114 it lists that when you have multiple teams who have chosen the same target, you have one team help (as per teamwork on p. 102) rather than having both roll attacks or one roll and one be independent. Similarly, if both rolls would be Independent one team helps. If however, the actions chosen cause one to be independent and one to be versus, then the rolls happen as normal.

Excellent, thank you for that, no matter how many times you read the book you miss things.

I just wish it clarified the single-team side a little bit more. But I guess it’s safe to assume that if the teams end up helping they can be considered a single target for the purpose of the single-team’s action?

Also, when rolling for disposition do the Helping Mice help with the same skill that the test is made with?

I’m actually going to be running this tonight with 4 players so these questions are rather pertinent.

Just keep them all on one team for tonight.
And let the three mice help the lead mouse when rolling for disposition.

Thanks. I suppose that was the easy way to do it, especially for my first ever game.

Always love a forum where the creator is there to answer questions.

I believe as written, if you have a 2 against 1 Conflict, the side with only 1 team must always choose one team to target, even if the second team helps the first. Let’s say for example that Liaem and Sadie are on one team, Kenzie and Saxon are (naturally) on another team and they are fighting a Great Horned Owl. Liaem tests his Fighter and Sadie helps by donating one die and Saxon tests his fighter while Kenzie helps by adding one die. By adding a die to test for disposition, you are officially a member of that team.

The owl chooses to Attack on the first turn. Liaem’s team has also chosen to Attack, as has Saxon’s (not surprising, given Saxon). Because both teams are performing an Independent action this round, they cannot both act against the owl – instead both Liaem and Sadie donate a helping die to Saxon for his attack. From here (and someone please correct me if I’m mistaken) the owl chooses which team its attack affects and who loses Disposition.

The next actions feature Saxon’s team Attack-ing again, but Liaem’s team is performing a Maneuver while the Owl again chooses Attack. In this case, the owl rolls its Attack versus Liaem’s Maneuver, while Saxon’s team rolls its Attack independently. If the players are lucky, they may reduce the Owl’s disposition and prevent it from inflicting any loss of Disposition this turn!

I think (once again, somebody correct me if I’m off-base) that even during Disposition rolls, you can provide a helping die from other related skills as long as it makes sense. It’s unlikely that you’ll be using Carpenter to help in a fight, but you can probably use Hunter if fighting an animal.

The Lord Winter has it.

Okay, Sweet. Thanks The Lord Winter.

BTW, first session went very well… Party managed to chase off, only just barely, a fox terrorzing Elmoss. Of course who knows where it’s going now…

So, in that case it’d obviously be better for the Owl to choose inflicting damage after the independent roll (which would deal more damage), however, the owl could only damage saxon’s team, right? Which in that case could lead to a tough choice if Liaem’s team had a lower disposition; roll versus and finish off that team or roll independent and risk not dealing that much damage.

Am I following this right?

Next question.
Team A chooses Attack, Team B chooses Manuveur. Both roll for themselves, no helping.

The Owl chooses Defend. Does she roll against both and regains Disposition just once or does she have to take the attack or man. ?

Not exactly. All the rolls happen simultaneously. so, there’s no after. The question is who did the owl choose to attack. If it was saxon’s team, then all off it’s successes would go against that team’s dispo. If it chose to attack the Liaem team then it would only get any Margin of success.

Team A and team B both chose actions that are versus the owl’s defend, so one must help the other. They choose who helps and who rolls.