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I think that Nature could easily be used for Fight, if the Rangers are protecting some place that is tradtionally Dunedain/Numenorean, if they are protecting their family or avenging a fallen ally.

Nature in Mouse Guard is a force at odds with the duty that must be performed. As it stands now, Nature in this hack is perfectly in tune with the duty. This does not adequately represent the source material. Aragorn is not at peace with himself and his role. To put it in game terms: His Nature is one thing, his duty is another.

I’m afraid that isn’t true. Aragorn from the movie versions of Lord of the Rings was angst-ridden and unsure of himself. The version from the books was confident about his duty and who he was, he was proud of heritage, not ashamed of it. Aragorn was shown as unsure between the time that Gandalf fell in Moria and the Fellowship broke, but that was the only time he was unsure and that was just about what direction Gandalf wished to take with Frodo and the Ring. However, I do find that the Dunedain nature-descriptors work pretty well for this game, especially if the goal is to place the character’s in conflict with that nature.

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Heya, Shadowspawn. Thanks for your comments on Realm Guard! Have you had a chance to playtest it, by chance? Any feedback you have would be helpful.

Actually I thought my comment would be fine since Rafe had asked for people to post feedback on Realm Guard in that thread as he was working on 1.6, I must have not understand. Sorry about that. I didn’t look at the dates.

We haven’t had a chance to actually play-test Realm Guard yet, though I ran my first Mouse Guard mission last night as a way to get used to the game. We really enjoyed it, I had three players and the scripted action scene was highly enjoyable. I’m definitely planning on a Realm Guard game, as I have a ton of old MERP accessories that detail Arnor. My campaign, when it gets started will be chronicled here: . I even have the idea for the first mission up.

Thanks for coming up with such a great hack!

Make sure you copy and paste your game logs (actual plays) over here also! We enjoy readin’ 'em. Good luck!

First off, I’m not the expert on this Hack. It was put together by many people on these boards and they deserve all the credit. As for me I see the Nature in RG as pulling the character away from service in the Rangers and back to family and civilization. I’ve had characters use it to make really cool funeral rites, to protect lost towers of his people, to stand over a fallen Ranger about to die and defend them. Not sure those are all perfect examples but they are the ones I can remember from playing with this last con season. I did not automatically put Nature in the conflict examples but made them explain a very good reason for putting them there. I agree, there is a solid difference between the Aragorn of the books and the Aragorn of the movie. As far as I can tell we were shooting for more literary than cinematic congruence.

That is awesome!