Riot shields

So, last game my players had an encounter with the local law enforcers, who happened to be equipped with (heavy duty, reinforced) riot shields and stun batons.

Thing is, I didn’t actually expect a fight when I described their equipment, and so had no idea of how to properly handle the riot shields when the Firefight! broke out. In order to keep things flowing, I quickly and arbitrarily decided that the shields just provided +1 Cover to the enforcer unit at all times.

However, I would like to get some input on a more proper way of handling (and burning) riot shields for future encounters. Should they just have provided AT instead? Advantage dice in Close Combat? Increased the obstacle of attacks that deal Human scale damage?

I’d call it AT1 if I needed an on-the-spot ruling. It’s basically color above and beyond very, very basic body armor.

But if I were willing to tech-burn them I’d look at them providing a +Ob to all Hand to Hand actions. Eyeball costs at about 3 or so for a +2Ob, but I don’t have the Tech Burner in front of me.


I’d say it’s AT1 protection that gives a categorical limitation restricting the user to one-handed weapons. So, AT1 - 1 categorical limitation = 3-1 = 2 points.

As far as I recall, we gave whatever position they held +1 cover bonus…
(Our trained commandos ripped them to shreds… AFTER we “won” a duel of wits -1 to -5)
Maybe a +1 ob to hit, both in close combat and in ranged combat is an idea?

Though clean and simple, I’m not sure I’m too keen on the AT1 approach for two reasons.

Firstly, the shields were not the usual clear plastic shields, but rather reinforced, magnetically shielded, metal shields (you know, low index tech) that were capable of stopping assault rifle fire.

Secondly, the enforcers already wore anvil armour, and - if I’m not mistaken -wouldn’t benefit at all from the shield’s AT1, right?

So yeah, increased Ob to hit for Close Combat and ranged attacks is probably the way to go. So +1 Ob [2pts], catagorical limitation - requires one hand [-1pt], plus PITAP [say 2pts?] = 3 points.

Thanks for the comments.

That works. I was thinking that the shield could add an AT point to existant armor, though I can’t remember if there are armor stacking rules. Assuming that riot cops are wearing ballistic body armor (since they are police and not all trained anvil elite), having a shield that boosted AT by one would bring ones protection up to the level or anvil armor while still being not being milspec gear and giving people some interesting choices in combat: want to use your assault weapons? Gotta lose the bonus AT…