Robber Crabs

Robber Crabs

Land-living robber crabs scour the earth in search of tasty morsels to eat. The ten-legged crustacean averages in size to that of a small dog and may appear in vibrant blue and red colors. They prefer fleshy fruits but also savor the hatchlings of raided nests or the carcasses of caron. When attacking their next meal, robber crabs–being able to safely fall from the treetops–will descend upon unsuspecting prey. Unlike solitary hermit crabs, a cast of robber crabs live in found habitats, such as unlocked treasure chests, in familial groups of up to ten.

Nature 2 Might 1 Precedence
Climbing, Scavenging, Pinching

Type: Beast
Instinct: Always seize an opportunity to get ahead.


  • Group scavengers: A cast of six or more count as Might 2
  • Curious: Outside of a conflict, robber crabs seek out new objects to add to their burrow and may steal items from backpacks as the result of a Camp Event or Camp Twist.

Hit points:

Capture 5
Flee/Pursue 3
Kill 1

Armor: Crustacean shell (as plate armor)


Strong Claws: Kill, Capture, D/O +1s Attack
Mighty Carapace: Kill, Capture, D/O +2D Defend
Sideways Scuttling: Flee/Pursue +1D Maneuver
Sensitive Antennae: Flee/Pursue +1D Feint -1D Defend

Inspired by a random video about decapods and Totally_Guy’s giant version


8 more and we can release a Decalog of Decapods.

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