Tamatoa - A crab that's a work of art!

Once a dull crustacean this massive creature has acquired a veritable hoard of treasure upon his back. He uses this treasure to attract fish which can be readily consumed. With the intelligence comparable to that of human comes the same insecurities, and no amount of beautiful gold and gems will change that fact he’s a violent bottom feeder.

Might 6 Nature 7 Precedence 3
Luring, Hoarding, Fighting
Type: Folk
Instinct: Always look for something shiny for my hoard.

Gold Plated: The hoard of treasure on Tamatoa’s back can be plundered with a successful re-arm manoeuvre result. You may claim a specific treasure known to have fallen into Tamatoa’s hoard, a generic treasure or a convenient weapon or helmet.

Camouflage Lure: When inactive Tamatoa can disguise himself as a pile of treasure. If this tricks his opponents he starts any conflict (including arguments) with a free unchallenged manouvre action prior to the first exchange.

Hit points:

Trick 8
Convince 10
Kill 15
Flee/Pursue 7

Armour: Crustacean shell as plate armour.

Bio-luminescence: Kill, Capture, Drive Off +2D Feint,
Huge Pincers: Kill, Capture, Drive Off +1s Attack
Mighty Carapace: Kill, Capture, Drive Off +2D Defend
Avarice: Convince +2D Defend
Cruel Humour: Convince +1s Feint


So shiny!

For the nature, maybe “Murdering” instead of Fighting might fit a little better.


Nah, should be pinching Nature!


Suggested Instinct change: Always ‘pinch’ desirable objects to add to my trove.

This allows him to insert himself by means of pilfery between your heroes and any McGuffin they might need (note that the hook is not actually shiny unless it is wielded by its owner - but Tamatoa knows he’ll come looking for it).

Grasping? Physically similar, yet also thematically applicable…

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If you go with pinching, then his primary conflict type should be Capture.


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