Robots in BE

Are there not any robot references in the original comic books? In the rules you find references to Avatars and the robotic centipede, but nothing about autonomous mobile machines.

Is a robot too far to wander from the background material? Or are they just simple tech waiting to be burned up?

Everything exists somewhere in the setting, so if you want Robots there should be nothing to prevent you from burning one up.

That said, it is my understanding that man-shaped robots were not of -widespread- popularity.

These days, it is often easier to hire a servant or buy a slave than to get AI working on a planet.

What purpose did you have in mind for your Robot?

No particular purpose, I just wanted to inquire. As the setting is partially inspired by the Foundation books, robots could be a significant part of play. PCs even.

Tim, all the stuff in the Device: Technological Stat of the Tech Burner entry on page 388 is about building robots.

Go ahead and build them!

Bit of Canon here. There are no robots in the Iron Empires. Artificial Intelligence, yes, but there’s a social stigma against humanoid robots. There are thousands of peasants who can (and should, in all justice), do the menial labor required for society to run properly.

That said, feel free to push against the canon wherever you wish. Like I’ve said thirty seven times before, there are lots of human worlds, and plenty of sick, twisted inhuman nobles that would deprive their peasants of the slavery they so justly deserve.


Oh! That somehow eluded my first read. I am ashamed.