Scope of Tech Burner?

Is the Tech Burner going to be for burning individual pieces of tech or tech levels for an entire world/species?


Hi Chris,

The Technology Burner is for creating individual pieces of technology, from weapons and vehicles to security systems, drones and robots of all sorts and anything in between.

A world’s level of technology is determined by the World Burner.

That’s a lot of ground to cover. Could you give us an example statblock? A handgun or a simple vehicle, maybe?


Here you go:

Nicholas EP-7600- Low Index
BlackPond ACD [Advanced Commercial Devices], Planet Ogun
Paper thin personal computer that rolls out from thin rod to rigid sheet. Touch/Voice interface. Sun/Heat power conversion.

One possible setup:

Technology Traits: 3pts Advantage +1D Administration, 3pts Advantage +1D Corporate Law, 3pts Advantage +1D Research, 3pts Advantage +1D Advanced Mathematics, 6pts Obstacle Ob5 Rigging/Cryptography test to break into files, 3pts Obstacle Ob2 Concealable, -1pt Cool Beans

20 pts Total

The Konstantin-Artsutanov Orbital Bridge 35-790 - Low Index
Edwards Advanced Concepts Combine, Taprobane
KonstArt Orbital Bridges are tethers of Van der Waals Force-bonded carbon nanotube yarn attached to asteroids in geosynchronous orbit, designed to move large payloads into orbit inexpensively by way of fusion-powered climbers.

Technology Traits: Atmospheric Speed 8D (Ob 15), Enhancement (self-contained atmosphere, radiation shielding) (Ob 8 ), Obscure Circumstances (Tethered) (-3 Ob), Cool Beans (-1 Ob)

19 pts Total

E-MAP Grenades - Low Index
Electro-Magnetic Area Pulse Grenades are explosives that can be used in the Close Combat and Suppressive Fire actions. Rather than causing damage, it locks down and neutralizes technological systems. An incidental hit subtracts -1D from any dice the device offers. A mark result subtracts 2D from any dice the technology grants. A superb hit subtracts 3D from the device’s systems. If the device doesn’t have any “dice,” like an assault laser, each die of “damage” generated nullifies one trait point. This weapon disperses a wave of energy across the battle space. No matter what its rating, cover counts as 1 against the E-MAP.

Incidental 1-3
Mark 4-5
Superb 6

Technology Traits: Explosives 3 pts, Blast 1 pt, Effector 6 pts, Inaccurate (+1 Ob to Close Combat skill) -2 pts, Wave 5 pts

Total: 13 pts