Some Weapons stuff

Since I was acuused if thread Necromancey ( with a skill of 2d) I decided I was gonna answar a random question I read in the machine gun thread, ammo.

How do you fix the the ammo problem, take a gander what I did in the service. I was first an ammo monkey then a machine gunner. My dad told me they fixed the problem in Nam by having everyone hump ammo for the machine gunners.

Know, thats a little harder these day’s as GPMG’s are no longer (at least in the USMC and US Army) commonly issued on squad level having been supplmented by the M-249 SAW. However us 0331’s liked to spread the pain by making Riflemen carry spare ammo and barrels. Assualtman would make Riflemen cary extra SMAW ammo sometimes too.

It can work with any Infantry portable Heavy weapon used by your Platoon of Iron clad badasses