Spider Rider -- Does this look right?

I’m a little fuzzy on the Tech rules … so I’m hoping to get some input here.

I want my High Inquisitor to have some-kind cybernetic enhancement. For a bit, I was thinking some kind of metal gauntlets, and maybe some kind of levitating harness.

Then for a bit, I was thinking he might be encased in a kind of walking bubble.

So I burnt this up:


So … did I do this right? Is there a better way to do this?

And 2nd question, because it seems fuzzy, to me anyway … at character burning, do characters spend 2 Resources points for new outrageous tech, or do they spend rps for the total trait cost?

Would the Spider Rider by worth 2 rps or, in a low tech index, 8 rps?


Looks ok, except for one thing. Inhuman skill has to be bought after Automation. So you need to buy the skill, then pay to have it open-ended. I realize this isn’t terribly clear in the Inhuman Skill entry.

Since you burned this tech, you use the costs for burning technology on page 111. With the Automation/Inhuman skill thing fixed, it costs 37 technology burner pts.

On a low index world, that’d be 9.25 rounded to 10 resource points.

On a high index world, it’d cost 7.4 rounded to 8 resource points in character burning.

Technology burner points set your obstacle for cost in play. They are a different type of point than resource points, which are used to buy stuff for your character before the game begins.