Supplements suggestions

Hello once again, loyal Guardmice!

I want to open this discussion to give Luke and David a overview of our desires for Mouse Guard RPG expansions.

I know the game is perfect (well this is my opinion) but why ask for more books to boost up the mouse guard adventures? Because we love those little heroes and want more details about them and their world.

Well, I start with this suggestion: Why not create supplement based on Seasons? In each season book, Luke and david could extend the lore and threats and adventure hooks inside the Territories and beyond. May be in each book they show more details about celebrations and day-by-day life in the guard. Extend the guardmouse parents role with new ways to use them as plot characters and supporters. Offer a official errata for the core book and may explain details about economy between cities and how the mouse society handle money. (Scene from Winter which the heroes want to buy a Sprucetuck Elixir to cure Rand and they use a bunch of coins that was not usually accepted).

Another suggestion of mine is the Town books, dedicated to the Main towns, with details of the place and an “who-is-who” with the most prominient mice characters in there. This kind of book may offer hooks for adventures like some troubles more common found nearby. In “Winter 1152”, the revelation that Dark Heather and Lockhaven are connected by a underground river was stunning and awesome! To many ideas pass my mind in this moment! I think to give players and GM small secrets to explore in each town was a good way to start a supplement.

Well, a book about the Dark Heather and the weasel society may be awesome too.

What do you think? Post other supplements suggestions please, maybe some other ideas can be mixed… Let´s see what the other MG players want!

All my best regard,

Alessandro Franzen

Have you seen The Great Pendragon Campaign? I would love something like that for MouseGuard.

There should totally be books for each town in the Territories, detailing sample characters, the power structure of the town, and the unique powers possessed by guardmice from that town.

An adventure book. 10-15 adventures in the same format as in the book, plus a handful of NPCs, plus some more “ready-to-run” PC’s. And the core book PC’s and the expansion PC’s on copyable sheets; fold-outs if needed (due to 8x8" format). Come to think of it, on an 8" page, a 6" fold-out is only 14", but gives the 11" sheet room to not copy the spine!

Tottaly agree with Home town origins that gave new Traits and Skills for character creation (but this must be unknown towns like appleloft and such), so that kind of stuff will be nice to read in an Season Book to be more general area coverage if you like.

Official Conflict Cards is a must!

There’s so much they could add and I would buy in a second. Yes, it’s might not be necessary, but I would love anything. Great ideas so far. I think four weather books that also talk about undescribed towns and errata and new weapons and what not would be amazing. Also, if the had a book that set up the time period for when the mouse guard was founded and some of the stuff that went on then and characters that lived then, that would be cool. But if David writes about this in future books, we won’t need to worry about it anyway.


Actually I was thinking those books could be followed up with Dirty Secrets of the Black Axe.

The weasels are actually aliens?

Although Vampire: the Mousequerade is verrrrry tempting. Gweldolyn as the Prince?

Personally, I would love to see more of David’s art. Maybe have the adventure book or the “who’s who” book, but with more mouse-pictures that we could shamelessly rip out and re-use as we see fit.

Having the wrap-around book cover and being able to “see” how a grain peddler looks like versus an armored mouse does wonders in aiding the imagination.

Im glad I wasn’t the only one who’s brain went there.

I am hesitant to ask for things that would otherwise stiffle the players imaginations and creative lisence. It’s already a setting that as a sense of canon and limits I’m not used to putting on the table :slight_smile: Ally said it best when she said if you want more setting read the mouseguard books.

I’d rather see people post their actual plays, their NPCs, critters, etc (beyond what’s in the books) as a means to develop the setting. Once it’s in RPG form it’s in our hands. That’s at least what excites me about RPGs.

That being said, I do like the idea of more mice, critters, weather challenges, etc as examples to faciliate play. More Missions, maybe. I am uncertain that would really make anything better.

Sorry if tis is comeing off as “I don’t supplements.” I do, especially if they sell more Mouse Guard. I just never want to play a con game and have a player be like “oh, that wouldn’t happen because in Dirty Secrets of the Black Axe the head of the Rafastio family killed the last one.”

That shit happens all the time in star wars and drives me fucking bug nuts!

That being said, some awesome What Ifs would be cool with alternate rules for things like higher tech, magic - I introduced magic into my Mouse Guard game and Dave Peterson be damned :wink:

ooo western Mouse Guard. Different settings, etc. I know we do a lot of that here but that doesn’t mean some of it’s not worth putting in print.

Hmmm, what else? Maybe specific rules for bringing in history through flashbacks and such (along with the accompanying history). That might really make setting stuff pop!


Mice In the Vineyard? :wink:


Or a MG Oregon Trail!

Saxon has died of dysentery.

I wish Luke would even give us a hint as to whether there could possibley ever be anything Mouse Guard RPG related that will be released. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t sound likely, but I think everyone would buy it.

From what Luke has said… Luke’s not involved.

In essence, Luke was merely “hired talent” for Mouse Guard. A most unenviable position for a creator…

I’d like us to put some serious mileage on the game for a few years, see what it is that we really find we need. I suspect we’ll find that we won’t need anything.

Luckily, we get more David Petersen art through the comic book.

Did we get rules and states for mouse on rabbit mounted combat? 'Cause this game ain’t complete without that. :slight_smile:

I agree with you compleatly, but I still don’t care. It’s not about needing anything. I want more. I could expand it my self and I have. We can all make hacks for things that were left out, or for new interesting stuff, but I want another book, cards, anything. No one needs it, but we want it and are willing to buy. That should be reason enough to make something new.