Tech costs and existing tech breakdowns

Tech questions

Last night my group began to try to learn Burning Empires, byut since one player is out of the country and we do not want to start the first manuever without him we are sort of running through systems to try to become familiar with them.

We hit the technology burner and found a couple of sticking points, we were trying to take the example technology and break it down to the component parts to figure out how it works.
For example, while creating vacum capable armour for a PC hammer lord we looked to Anvil and Iron for inspiration, but wanted to be able to break down the elements of them to figure out how they are made and therefore how we should make this armour.
One trait of Iron is the Massive trait, giving +8 Ob to Inconspicuous and +4 to infiltration, it is a -14pt trait.
This player wanted his armour to be big, but not as large as iron.
We assumed that the 14pts came from the technological skill penalty, with base 2 for the penalty and +1 for each additional die, to +8 and +4 for a total of 14.
Is this the correct way to reach this number?

Also one player was looking at the jacked trait. On pg 382 it reduces the close combat penalty by 1 and reduced mark and superb damage by 2 and incidental by 1 and costs 3 points.
On pg 520 it has the same close combat penalty reduction but only reduces mark and superb by 1 and costs 5 points. We could not figure out how to come up with these numbers. What technology trait can be used to adjust the IMS scores?

Our other puzzle was the iron itself, adding up the traits of Index 5 Iron it totals 85 technology points, but on character burning the cost on a low index world is 2rp, at 4 tech points per rp it is a huge discount.
If someone whats to create their own armour the cost is astronomical by comparison.
What are we missing about this disparity? Or is it simply that Iron is an established part of the setting and that is why it is so discounted?

Thanks for putting up with my fumbling attempts to grasp the tech rules.

Got it in one. Same thing for many of the other bits of tech you can buy in character burning.

Let’s just put it this way: You’ll pay a premium to go outside the bounds of what we see as the technology that is available in the Iron Empires. :smiley:

By canon, Iron is no longer produced, it’s maintained.

Err, I don’t think so. New models of Iron aren’t designed any more, but production continues according to centuries-old templates.

Sydney’s right. Iron’s being built (by very secretive private Armorer Guilds). The focus is on how much avionics goodness can be packed into a suit, how well the surface can be gilded and engraved with fantastic scenes of boar-hunts, and what sorts of decorative flourishes can be added to make the suit fit the personality of the wearer (like Karishun’s armor in Sheva’s War with it’s amazing phallic helmet).


Also, what’s up with Karishun wearing Iron and still being allowed to have hair? (Same with Baron Sheva). Or is that just an amazingly convincing hairpiece? (Retcons welcome).

It’s the Karsan league. They’re operating at a higher index than the rest of us (honestly, no idea what I was thinking there… it WAS 10 years ago…).


High Index Hairpiece, +3D to Etiquette and Seduction.

I guess it checks media sources and reconfigures itself into something suitably dashing every morning?

Yeah, plus it instantly recovers from compression, so you never get dickhat-hair.