Tech of Boldaq

I-as Patun, shaggy beast ob 12 (??)
W2, P3, A3, S8, P6, F6
Inconspicuous 1, Infiltration 4, Intimidation 1, Physical Training 5, Survival 3, Rider-wise 2.
8-legged (+1D to physical training in mountainous/broken terrain), camouflage (+1D to infiltration), humpback (+1D to survival when out of water), shaggy (+1D to smuggling)

Question: this thing has 12 trait points; does that make it an Ob 12 resource check?

Gul Janat, flowers of paradise ob 12 (??)
When taken, Ob 5 Forte check or Hesitate - 6
+1D to Psychology/Meditation - 6

I’ve also got a Precipitator in play - projects a physical item somewhere in the known universe for 10 minutes. Handy for FoNs who aren’t physically nearby.

I-as Patun

is this a life form or some sort of robot? If it is a beast, cant you just burn it up and introduce it in play. The Vaylen may use them against you, but hey it happens. I would make it a Resource 2 or 3 test to get.


If Shaggy Beast is a robot, that is one expensive thingy.

Yeah, is the beast a beast or robot?

That was/is a beast, not a robot; it’s never come up in play as anything more than colour.

YOu should use the alien lifeform burner for that sucker. It’d probably be an Ob 2 Resources test to acquire the animal.

As the maneuver is coming to a close, we might want to archive some of our various tech developments.

Our dudes have come up with some cool stuff.