Tech Points & Resources Ob

Got to the first time that we wanted to buy some tech in game. We were looking for a Handgun (2 Tech Points) and an armored vest (3 Tech Points).

My two questions are:

  1. Is that an Ob 5 Resource Test? Or do you take the Tech Points and divide them by a factor based on the kind of world you’re in? I thought I read the latter but I wasn’t sure if that was just for initial Resource Point spending.

  2. If I wanted to buy both pieces together would add the two Obs together? It seems if that were the case, I would always buy one thing at a time and drive my local arms dealer nuts. How do you other BE’rs deal with purchasing different items at once in terms of Obstacle?

  1. Ob 2 and Ob 3, separate tests. But you’ll note that the tech list doesn’t specifiy “hand gun.” For an Ob 2 test, you get what’s appropriate to your index. Could be a hand gun, could be a cbew, could be a fusor. So you don’t filter the Resource obstacle through tech level. That’s already taken care of.

  2. Supposed to be two separate tests, as mentioned above. You really shouldn’t be “going shopping” using the Tech rules. If you want something, just narrate it in with a color scene. If it becomes important, you can pay for it later.