Test or Buy? Starting Resources in BE

(Demian Luper) #1

I apologize if this question has come up before. Hopefully not. Here’s the issue:

Is is better to hold on to all Resources dice and just burn tech when color morphs to hard tech in play?

For example, my PC has a starting Resources of 11. If I “bought” stuff at chargen, Resources could go down to 7, maybe 6. The PC would have a Grav Sled, a HEAT Suit, a jacked laser, and holographic comms. All cool stuff but also easy to grab when you have 11 dice. The fear of course is taxing and the fact that Resources only advances from successful tests.


(rafial) #2

My first thought is that buying that stuff in play will consume a test, and tests are also a limited resource in BE.

(Demian Luper) #3

That’s a very good point. Better to save some tests for other things. Thanks for the advice!