The custom dice are HERE!

Yes, less than two weeks after posting the order, the postman handed me a heavy envelope with a bag full of the most gorgeous dice. Wow.

Guys, they are nice, they are very very nice.

I’ll get around to get them mailed out to you over the weekend - you will NOT be disappointed :slight_smile:

They look fan-bloody-tastic! I can’t wait, and I’m even thinking that maybe 20 just isn’t enough.


They even look kind of slimy, like worms!

So, I read the original thread, but since I dont own BE (only BW) there was one thing I could never figure out: Are these dice special to BE in some way, or can the set-up be used with BW as well, and how do they work?

I dont know if BE corresponds to BW in terms of die-mechanics, so Im not sure how one would read these special dice youve made/ordered.

Hi Skjalg,
The dice are made for BE, but can be used for BW as well, except when it comes to shades. 1,2 and 3s in BE are always failures (‘worms’), while in BW you have shaded abilities that mean 3s or even 2s are also successes in a roll. So, if you are rolling a Gray or White ability you would have to use ordinary dice, but everywhere else it’s fine.

Ok, cool!

It’d be cool to make Shaded dice in different colors, with more wheel-symbols on them for the grey and white dice, to use in BW.

Yeah, but the price increases for each side you have graphics on. We went with the BE dice in part due to cost reasons. Going up to W shade dice would increase the price 66%.

Cool usually means expensive…

Awesome! Thanks Per! dice! dice! dice! :slight_smile:

The dice landed through my door this morning, and can I say the photos don’t do them justice. I’m just thinking that 20 really wasn’t enough! :slight_smile: Many, many thanks for organising this and for making it a remarkably painless experience. Now, what can we set you to next? :wink:

Glad you like them, John, they are awfully nice.

I sent out most of the packages yesterday, and the rest will go out over the weekend - I’m glad I’m not in the dice packing business after all :slight_smile:

Oh, guys, there were actually some extra dice in the bag (apparently the company “prints” more than was ordered by default in case some of them turn out wrong or whatever, but they were all perfect) - what I thought was that we send Luke a set of 10 because he’s such a nice guy - the rest of these very limited edition superb dice I could probably sell to whoever is interested (there was actually one guy who was interested but after the order was placed)

Whaddaya say?

I vote to send them to Luke, that’s a great idea. He can use 'em in demos or something. Or just keep them under his pillow for good luck.


Yeah, send 'em to Luke is my vote too. I look forward to getting mine! thanks again for your efforts!

  • Don

Send em to Luke is my vote as well. :slight_smile:


ahem Not true for, if you’ll recall:

sniff And we coulda even had them made in black, gray, and white–at least, I don’t recall them saying the bulk order had to be of a single color.

And, of course, that would have saved a fair bit of shipping for the US buyers.

And it would have been even cheaper if we coulda gotten them as a product at GameStation rather than as a one-off order.

All that said… they ARE pretty dice, though it would be nice if the “6” side was in a different color. Oh, right–more expensive… except at

I don’t think any of us were prepared to pay $3.25 per die for six custom sides, so we decided for only three sides. I know I wasn’t.

But if you can get enough interest together for 100 or more, why not go for it?

My 20 dice arrived here in Denmark yesterday, and I’m very happy! Thanks to Per for organizing this and doing the extra work (shipping etc). I can’t wait to game with them - hopefully this Friday!

Hey, my vote is to send them to me! :slight_smile: