The Illumination of Monsieur Faucher, a M&M adventure

Hey fellow misfortunates!

I’m writing an introductory adventure for Miseries and Misfortunes, and it’s in dire needs of playtesting. I’m already running it with a group and assembling another, but the more diverse feedback I can get, the better! Care to check it out?

It is the year 1648 under our well beloved king Louis Dieudonne. A large mob marches torch in hand to the Cemetery of the Holy Innocents ready to burn Monsieur Faucher, a mad artist who exhumed the bones of Parisian kin to practice the dark arts of necromancy.

¿Who could come to the rescue of such a miserable wretch?

Rally your group and delve into the Cemetery of the Holy Innocents. I yearn for your tales of misfortune!


Duamn has done an excellent job in taking feedback on the historical details of the period and incorporating them into the scenario. He’s also anticipated how I want to set up scenarios to involve factional motivations. AND he’s surprised me with the addition of a new grimoire and a great use of necromancy.

I’m looking forward to running this one myself.


I don’t have the bandwidth to run it right now (maybe in a few months?), but I’d love to play.

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This looks amazing @DagaZ!

I’m waiting on my hardcopy of M&M to run this game, but that feels like such a fascinating adventure to start us off with.

Thank you!


I intend to run this with three of my friends online via roll20. Very excited to do so, this looks like an amazing intro.


This is really neat. I had a hard time envisioning a starting situation for M&M until I read this through. I now plan on starting a short campaign with this and then writing my own. I’ll update when I get it to the table.

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I ran it as a one shot last week. There’s some good stuff in there!


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