The Little Blue Book

Hi guys,
Quick question. In Per’s and my game (Nostroma) I want to buy an item of tech during character burning. The setting in Sub Tech Index and I’m just a bit confused about the price.

It’s a Little Blue Book, that…“represents the ideological basis for the revolution against ZosTeC. A small book containing a selection of anti-League quotes, speeches and writings by the leader of the Nostroma Liberation Front, Viktor Bukanin. Given away free by the cadres of the NLF, it helps spread the word of the cause to the planet’s populace. It automatically updates with new passages from the leader and deletes those entries no longer ‘ideologically sound’.”

It provides +1d to Propaganda

I think it costs 2RP (3 tech points for +1d to a skill/2 for being zero Tech index, rounded up).

Yes, No?


Sounds correct to me. Nice color!

You are correct. On Sub-Index worlds, each RP spent in character burning buys you 2 trait points worth of tech, and your Little Blue Book would cost 3 trait points.

Lovely, cheers guys. I wasn’t sure if you had to pay 1rp for the basic iteration (a book) and then buy traits, but that clears it up nicely.

Nope, the fact that it’s a book is just color. All you pay for are the things with actual game effects. Essentially you’re paying for +1D to Propaganda and coloring it as a book.