The 'Lute Player' Case (Artist Skill?)

Hi. I’m new in the forum.

Checking Mouse Guard rulebook cover we can see a mouse (number 3) tagged as ‘Lute Player’, but inside the book there is not a single skill related to Artist/Poet/Musician, nor even instrument-wises or something. Maybe someone has created a custom skill to this. What do you think?

Hi Francisco, use Persuader, Orator or Deceiver (whichever is appropriate to the test in question) with the lute as Gear. Lute-wise is an excellent example of a wise that would be applicable in this case.

Well, nice solution, but I’m thinking mostly in music/art performance.

Welcome to the Forum, Francisco. The point is that, unless it’s tied to an intent, your mouse can be as good at playing the lute as you want her to be. There’s no roll. Now, when you want to use your lute playing to get something, you have an intent that is worth rolling for, and then there can be interesting twists upon failure.

I concur I probably say Orator is the more “musical” of the three Thor lists, in the sense that it’s about conveying an idea instead of changing someone’s mind if you follow me

Like they say in the Guard, “It’s not what you play, it’s what you play for”.

… at least I think thats it :wink: