The White Hot Blade

You know you wanted this.


High Index Technology
Damage as SCrEW: I:6, M:9, S:13
DOF as Close Combat (I:1-3, M:4-5, S:6)
May only be bought at character burning if one has taken Padawan, Jedi or Sith LPs (so what if they don’t exist?).

Hand to Hand: May only be used in H2H combat, -1pts

Requires Capacitor: Categorical Limitation: -2pts

Elegant: +1D Skill Advantage Trait for H2H Close Combat Actions, 3pts

Concealable: p519, 2pts

Quick: +1D Advantage against non-quick weapons, 2pts

Superior: Gains the Superior Weapons Bonus to Disposition against Weapons of the same type (H2H), 4pts

Awkward: Limitation (like Heavy) requires Agility of 4 to operate, -3pts

Energy Parry: Device Enhancement: When hit at by a weapon using a Power Pack, Capacitor, or Engine that does Human Scale damage the wielder may make an Agility Test against 2 times the excess successes on the Close Combat or Fire Opportunity. Parrying a Shot Opportunity that made its Obstacle exactly is an Ob1 test. This counts as a Direct Fire Shot Opportunity for the wielder of the lightsaber. 8pts

Power Pack: Ammo Enhancement, 6pts

Padawan Training: Trait Limitation: Requires Padawan Training to use, -3pts

Dangerous To Self: Special Limitation: if a complete failure is rolled (0 successes) on an Energy Parry or a Close Combat Action the wielder takes a hit from his own weapon, roll the DoF. -4pts
Like a Hot Knife: Enhancement Reduce Armor Tolerances by 1 point, 8pts

Sexy Hum: 1pt

Any Color You Like: 1pt

PITAP: 3pts

More Powerful: 3pts

Total: 28pts

Trait: Padawan Training (Dt): Allows the use of the Light Saber. Requires Padawan, Jedi or Sith LPs.

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you’ve got two power sources – capacitor and power pack. Which is it?


hmm… I meant that it started with a Capacitor, and Upgraded to the Power Pack, I was not sure how to convey that.

Just a nitpick, let’s call it “Saber Trained” not “Padawan Training.” There could be people who were never Padawan (Sith from the beginning, say) and so we wouldn’t want to burden them with a trait name that suggested that they had he rat-tails when they didn’t.

I don’t know that you get a die for restricting it to hand-to-hand combat, since Kerrn Swords would be similar and yet don’t have such a trait, IIRC.

Maybe Elegant could also or instead count as the Superior trait for very close-quarters firefights? It seems like a saber’s just about the best thing in the galaxy for those ranges, so it should count as a superior weapon.

When I went to make it, I was confused about basic packages for weapons. But I believe that you get a discount for H2H only as most weapons are long range. Not sure about the Kerrn Sword though.

Saber Training is good/better.

I did give it Surperior Weapon, but I wanted to give it an advatage die as well. SW only gives you a dispostion bonus. and really because it is likely that other will have wepons of the next class up (assalt rifles) that the Surperior weapon trait will not even be used, it really only should give you a bonus if it is all close combat weapons.

You need to use your force powerz to rip the assault rifles right out of those stinking stormtrooper’s hands.